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jshanab 07:02 My mac worked but If i remember correctly stuff like this happens when you open the project named for your project and not the top level firebreath project. Or could it be you did not seleck the sdk?
I have a plugin that does video and I left it run overnight in FireFox. FireFox shows 2.5Gb and growing in task manager on windows. A memory leak and inspection tool I have shows I have 86 decoded frames in memory taking up 16Meg. If I refresh the memory used page It will show 2.1GB of memory from the aloacate liine but in a few seconds this is totally removed as it is all cleaned up. Do...
...programs that allocate and release large amounts of memory fool the task manager?
jshanab 09:02 good morning
taxilian 10:02 good morning
and I have no idea on your question, jshanab; not as far as I know
jshanab 10:02 Well these happen to be the fixed size frames so i am writing a frame pool. I looked closer int the pages and had a whole buch of 4K pages with 8 to 128 bytes used and the rest wasted. I think it is a fragmentation issue
Alyoshak 10:02 Trying to fetch the plugin version number via FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION. I found that it is defined in PluginConfig.cmake, yet referencing FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION returns "Undefined".
I found a SO question on it, but it didn't address this particular problem.
I'm on the Mac side of things, btw.
jshanab 10:02 What do you mean referencing? in CMAKE or in C++
Alyoshak 10:02 C++
jshanab 10:02 Oh. let me see what I did
Alyoshak 10:02 We have a method that simply returns FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION.
jshanab 10:02 It is a CMAKE var not a C++
Alyoshak 10:02 return FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION;
jshanab 10:02 Now does it end up in a header...
Alyoshak 10:02 Hmmm... Just trying to properly return the version number as part of the plugin's api.
jshanab 10:02 In my API I return CURRENT_VERSION but before I say any more I need to see where I got that
I have my own auto generated header file :-)
Alyoshak 10:02 Ok.
jshanab 10:02 I always include the header and a prep re-writes it
Alyoshak 10:02 I see. So, I just need to auto-generate a header file from CMAKE?
Can't I just define my own in my own header file? I mean, is this FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION value itself auto-generated, and thus requires that I use it somehow?
jshanab 10:02 Sure. You just need to maintain it. I did this because othres would release plugins with old versions
Alyoshak 10:02 Got it. From the code on the Windows side, the guy extracted the version number from the plugin.dll. Somehow I guess each build generated a new version number in the all. Not sure how that was happening, but it clearly was bc that's how the version number was extracted.
I thought, Well I've gotta do the same I guess on the Mac side. But then where is the version number embedded in the plugin?
Turned out it was in a CMake file.
So doesn't seem to be auto-generated unless it is incremented when you run the prepmac script again.
taxilian 11:02 Alyoshak: plugin version is just a variable, nothing more. not auto generated
it is in "global/config.h" though I think
yeah, it is
in my PluginConfig I make it check for an override passed in on the command line
so it uses a hardcoded version when I am developing, but the build server passes in a version string to the prep script
(oh yeah, he's gone, but maybe he'll check the logs?)
jshanab 11:02 Yeah the last piece of the puzzle for me would be to get a build number from the build server when I get a build server. That is how I always worked
I did not know yoh had a global/config.h so I made my own auto generate. (I use it on non-FB projects to) I just connected it into the prep so all you do is change plugin config and the next prep catches it
taxilian 11:02 that's what we do
jshanab 11:02 I use to make all the Pulse builds at my previous job, pulse integrates well with Confluence stuff
taxilian 11:02 haven't used pulse
I use Jenkins
jshanab 12:02 I have never heard of jenkins. I will have to look that one up
ooh, that looks like it is pretty good
taxilian 13:02 it used to be called hudson
jshanab 13:02 ah
hoepfully i can find a weekend to set up a build farm. Does it handle dispatching builds to servers for each platform?
dmanpearl 13:02 Hi, I was here yesterday as "David". Does anyone have thoughts on my Mac Foundation link error question here: Thanks!
jshanab 13:02 Did you see my response? about makeing sure you open and build the project named FireBreath and not the one with you project like name. and/or setting the sdk in xcode?
taxilian 13:02 dmanpearl: I've already put my suggestions on stackoverflow =]
but googling shows IOKit for those errors
those symbols, I mean
check the logs to see jshanab's comments yesterday
dmanpearl 14:02 Oh, yea. Hi taxilian. Thank you very much for those StackOverflow comments! I saw the answers yesterday, too. I'm not quite there yet. Soon.
jshanab 16:02 So. I did some rework in my plugin that really speeds things up and was testing on all the windows distributions. When I got to XP, I have a strange bug. Everything wroks great unless I try to move the browser window. When i do the entire browser, except what my plugin paints becomes the windows desktop, but raised with a shodow effect. As i drag the desktop underneath which is now the...
...entire browser window drags
Anyone seen this kind of thing? (it is sort of funny)
taxilian 16:02 huh
jshanab 16:02 So frustrateing. I am gonna end up with operating system detection and fallbacks to get smooth operation on different windows versions and still have reasonable performance on newer hardware with many plugin instances
Jagat 23:02 Hi All
taxilian 23:02 'morning
Jagat 23:02 i want to develop browser plugin using firebreath
can you please share what all technologies/languages will be required to learn
i am newbie
taxilian 23:02 1) ability to read things on the web page (you'd be amazed how many people seem to lack this)
2) C++
Jagat 23:02 okie
taxilian 23:02 beyond that it depends on what you're doing; you'll need visual studio on windows, xcode on mac
gcc on linux
cmake on all platforms
Jagat 23:02 ok, so development will be done using C++
taxilian 23:02 yes
Jagat 23:02 and then we need to use cmake for generating the build
taxilian 23:02 to generate the project files, really
but yeah
also, are you sure what you need is a browser plugin?
Jagat 23:02 okie
taxilian 23:02 you have read ?
Jagat 23:02 we want to develop browser plugin
taxilian 23:02 okay
Jagat 23:02 can you share some reference sites using which i can get more idea
taxilian 23:02 is a really good one
Jagat 23:02 tutorial kind of thing
taxilian 23:02 read the getting started pages
Jagat 23:02 yup :)
taxilian 23:02 video tutorials are there as well
beyond that, it really depends on what you want to do with it
Jagat 23:02 ohh okie