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thoys 04:02 just came here to say im very satisfied with FireBreath
using it to control my cashdrawers
thoys 04:02 hmm i might have one thing
at the computer im at now, i dont have visualstudio, can I use an opensource/free compiler to compile the plugin for windows instead?
kevingg 04:02 is it important to use an opensource or just a free one?
thoys 04:02 free is good too
kevingg 04:02 use VisualStudio Express
thoys 04:02 well im at work
dont wanna install Trial/Personal usage stuff
kevingg 04:02 VS Express is free at all
thoys 04:02 alright, but no problems with commercial usage?
kevingg 04:02 well… its kind of a light version of the usual VS
thoys 04:02 alright thanks :)
thoys 08:02 hi there, had another question (related to CMAKE). I would like to have the default buildtype set to Release instead of Debug. Is there a way i could set this per project? I tried to use set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE) in PluginConfig.cmake
taxilian 08:02 thoys: I haven't a clue =]
you might be able to pass that in on the command line
jshanab 08:02 I posted that command line option in the wiki on the MAC stuff, is it the same? let me find that
nevermind, I don't think that is the answer to this question