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Yuvraj 00:01 hi
i am using #include<chrono>...
in my API file I am getting
Cannot open include file: 'chrono': No such file or directory
taxilian 00:01 okay
and where would you expect it to come from?
chrono is not the name of any standard library that I'm aware of
nor is it part of FireBreath
anyway, I'm headed to bed. it's after midnight here. good luck
Yuvraj 01:01 chrono is a part of the 3rd party boost library
i have tried including the path in the properties as well
but still can't find build the project
magicken 06:01 Hello, I have a proble: if use invoke it doesn't work in Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7) but works on other browsers. Your FBTestPlugin works on IE! I copied your source code without success!
reichi 07:01 you may be using it too soon
i think
i don't know if i remember correctly
but i think you cannot use invoke before youre plugin is ready
magicken 07:01 i call invoke later, not on create of plugin
magicken 07:01 sorry, invokeasync doesn't work, not invoke