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taxilian 08:02 g'morning all
jshanab 09:02 Good morning everyone.
When I create an opengl context in the handed to me window, I have my own thread to draw and all is well. When i create a popup window I still have a thread to draw, but nothing is ever seen. I think this is the failing to handle WM_PAINT. how do i handle it in this context(no pun intended)
taxilian 10:02 I don't really know
jshanab 10:02 I found out 2 disturbing and interesting things about windows. The message handling blocks if you hold the mouse down and it does not remove WM_PAINT messages from queue unless explicitly handled. I am testing the last one now as a fix for my current problem, A white window that just sits there
What does FB do with the WM_PAINT messages it recieves? Gotta check that code
taxilian 10:02 it sends a RefreshEvent
jshanab 10:02 I am looking at it now and after sending the refresh it does the same null paint I am doing now, except it returns true. I thought i should return false. That will be my next test. It seems like Default window handler blocks forever without that null paint code!
Thanks taxilian. this is starting to make sense and come back to me now.
taxilian 10:02 =]
jshanab 10:02 I am still stuck. All the simple examples on the net do not seem to work. I have overlooked something :-(
taxilian 10:02 I do not know :-(