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yhaoo666 02:02 hello everyone
Now I finished the plugins tutorial, but I try to push a ActiveX control on the firebreath
what should I do?
Please help me, thanks!
jay_lathia 10:02 Hello
is any one there to address my query?
Alyoshak 10:02 Howdy. If this is out of bounds let me know. In my plugin I'm trying to set the RTS on a serial port (USB configured for serial communications) and I can do it find with a little app executed from the Terminal, but not in my plugin. Actually, I can read the bits fine in the plugin, including the RTS, just can't set them.
simon_clark 11:02 hey, can someone give me an tip with jsapi object pointers
taxilian 11:02 depends on what kind of tip you need
simon_clark 11:02 I have an ObjC object wrapped in a c++ object
it needs to trigger events in the JSAPI object
taxilian 11:02 okay
simon_clark 11:02 is there a way to globally reference the JSAPI object. I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to proceed
I read that storing a pointer to the JSAPI object in my object is a no-no
taxilian 11:02 you can use a shared_ptr
well, relaly
you want to store a weak_ptr
but you need to make sure that you don't hold the shared_ptr that you get when you lock the weak_ptr too long in case the plugin shuts down while you're using it
simon_clark 11:02 and if my object is created and destroyed with the JSAPI object, then that should extra-safe, yes?
taxilian 11:02 so if you absolutely know that the lifecycle is tied to the JSAPI object then you can store a pointer
the reason to not store a pointer is because the lifecycle is tied to the shared_ptr and it could go away without your knowledge
that's one of hte cases where it's "don't ever do this… unless you need to and you know why"
simon_clark 11:02 ok, I'll see if I can figure out weak_ptr. That sounds like the best route.
jshanab 14:02 I am having a strange issue with my plugin. My CPU is only at 5% but the main thread is blocked in the browser, I can't drag or scoll. mouse clicks take a few minutes to get thru. If I am attached with a debugger I cant pause and see parallel stacks but nothing stands out above the noise. No blocked JavascriptAPI calls etc. I have been fighting for days and am running out of ideas
It does not happen with 1 to 5 instances, but whwn i hit 12 or 16 it is useless
taxilian 14:02 huh
jshanab 15:02 My plugin gets all jammed up and the browser becomes unresponsive. If I put break points in the plugin's onMouseMove and move the mouse over the plugin, it takes 5-8 seconds for that event to come thru
taxilian 15:02 huh. that's kinda annoying
simon_clark 15:02 hey, taxilian, got everything working. Thanks for your help earlier.
taxilian 15:02 yw
jshanab 15:02 It is a game killer!
I don't know if it means something is putting events into the queu and they are not all being removed? I do not know wnything about FB's event Q
taxilian 16:02 there is no event Q
we just pass things in as we do
jshanab 16:02 taxilian. thanks I switched back-ends to SDL which uses Direct X and it was fine. GLFW(opengl) works across more browsers but seems to be the source. It tries to add event handling so... I will keep debugging
taxilian 16:02 huh
jshanab 17:02 My plugin issue, blocking the main thread of the browser goes away when i switch my renderer back end. i wrote my plugin with different backends configurable with environment variables. swithing from and opengl library to a directX library made it fast. But i had switched away from it because it didn't work on IE 9