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Leonid 08:02 Hi there, I am trying to build in VS 2012 firebreath 1.7. I am getting the following error: error C2338: 'CAtlDllModuleT<T>' must be used with either _WINDLL or _USRDLL defined
It was just fine when I built in VS 2010
any ideas?
taxilian 08:02 good morning
Leonid: what version of firebreath are you on?
firebreath 1.6 had this issue; 1.7 should fix it
Leonid 08:02 I am using 1.7
taxilian 08:02 can you build FBTestPlugin?
and have you updated to the latest 1.7, or did you maybe grab it before it was officially released?
Leonid 08:02 I got it in December 2012
When was it officially released?
taxilian 08:02 how did you get it? from git, or downloading the tarball?
Leonid 08:02 You gave me the git link to the master build
taxilian 08:02 do a git pull then
to make sure you're on the latest
Leonid 08:02 ok, thanks, I will try this
Christine_ 12:02 Hi I just wanted to ask a quick question
taxilian 12:02 okay
Christine_ 12:02 I have written a native application for OS X using X code, and I want to use a FireBreath plugin to start the application when some button on a HTML page is pressed. Do you have any idea what the best way to achieve this would be?
I have the basic FireBreath code working with the test page, I'm just wondering how to best incorporate the native OS X code into the project
taxilian 12:02 just use standard obj c apis for launching an application
Christine_ 12:02 I was more thinking of whether or not to incorporate the source code into the project itself but your suggestion is so simple I'm ebarrassed I even asked!
Thanks !
taxilian 12:02 good luck =]
kevingg 16:02 Hey guys, I'm trying to setup a test plugin like it has been done in the video tutorial, but after running the regsvr32 command its not displayed in any browser? What can be the issue?
taxilian 16:02 kevingg: what prep command did you use?
kevingg 16:02 visualstudio 2012 64
taxilian 16:02 so you used prep2012_x64.cmd?
kevingg 16:02 yes ;)
taxilian 16:02 then that's the problem
you compiled it for 64 bit
and your browser is 32 bit
don't use the 64 bit prep scripts unless you know that you need them
kevingg 16:02 ah ok… let me check, but it makes sense, think youre right.
but this should work then for the IE64 bit right?
taxilian 16:02 that one would, yes
kevingg 16:02 Ok thanks Taxilian, now its working fine ;-)
I have to say youre really putting a huge effort in this project and also in the community. Appreciate it!
taxilian 16:02 please contribute back in some way if you can