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jshanab 08:10 Good Morning.
I need to set a preference during my plugin installation. An extension can do this easily so I am trying that, but how to register my plugin when I put it inside an extension is unclear. Anyone have some ideas?
tpaul 09:10 I have a short write up on (what I think I know about) Security Zones, but I can't use the code macro to format properly and confluence support has ignored me since last week. Should I just post it without code block formatting?
Oh wait, they did finally reply I just didn't get an email update.
...and I guess I have to be an admin of this server to get any help from their support, is anyone else able to use the code macro without error?
taxilian 09:10 I will be updating confluence sometime in the next week, if I can
:-/ I'm really sorry I've been so slow lately; I'm really really really swamped
tpaul 09:10 No worries, I'll again try to post sometime next week, if I'm feeling really industrious I'll just link to a gist.
link to a gist for the code blocks anyways
jshanab 09:10 taxillian. Good morning
taxilian 09:10 good morning
jshanab 09:10 taxillian. I am still fighting how i can set a pref on install. While I cna get it in an extension, the plugin inside the extension is not working. (yet) The have an xpcom interface to the prefs system. Do you know if there Is there anyway to tap into that during msi install and avoid this extension headache?
taxilian 09:10 you could probably write an MSI custom action
I've never done it, but it doesn't look terribly difficult
jshanab 09:10 I never heard of that I will look it up
taxilian 09:10 I'll be back on in a bit; going to try to wire in my new circuits for my office
jshanab 10:10 cool
matutetandil 12:10 Hi there!!!
taxilian 12:10 good morning
matutetandil 12:10 Has somebody launch an external app from a firebreath plugin??
taxilian 12:10 I have done that before, yes
matutetandil 12:10 have you got some sample code?
taxilian 12:10 sure don't
what platform?
matutetandil 12:10 windows
taxilian 12:10 use CreateProcessEx
note that in windows on IE w/ UAC turned on the process will be launched in low integrity mode unless when you install you add a registry entry indicating that it can be launched from a low integrity process
matutetandil 12:10 ok, thk!!! I only need to work in chrome... I'll try that!!!
jshanab 14:10 taxillian. Setting a pref turned out to be easy. Just add it to my wix installer. I copy a mypref.js into the defaults folder of firefox. even works if done before ff install
kinda scary that I can write a file anywhere like that :-)