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singh 05:01 hi
I am trying to install firebug ..
it gives me error
File "", line 48 print "Parent of %s is %s" % (dirName, parentDir)
whenver i do /Python33/python.exe
reichi 05:01 that's not the error
that's the line where there is an error ;)
well doesn't seem to be python 3 ready
because it would've to bee print(....)
for python 3
singh: try using the latest python 2.7.x release
singh 06:01 thank you reichi .. that worked
reichi 06:01 you're welcome
"bee print()"
probaly prints "fizzling"
oder "humming"
Singh 10:01 hi
taxilian 10:01 good morning
Singh 10:01 i am getting -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done -- Visual Studio dir: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0 CMake Error at cmake/Win.cmake:124 (message): FireBreath on windows requires ATL/MFC libs to be installed. Please download the Microsoft DDK and install the build environments in C:\WinDDK Call Stack
i wanted to know i am using XP machine..
taxilian 10:01 what version of vs are you using?
vs express?
Singh 10:01 yes.. VS Express 2010
taxilian 10:01 then just like it says
you need to get the ddk and install it
Singh 10:01 i wanted to ask one things.. since its an XP machine.. should i use WDk kit 7.1 or WDK Kit 8
taxilian 10:01 I haven't a clue. I haven't tested it with 8
Singh 10:01 okay .. so 7 it is with confirmation
ocholetras 10:01 hi guys!
anyone has acomplished video capture with directshow on wmv9 ?
taxilian 10:01 good morning
ocholetras 10:01 im trying to make a graph on graphedit and searching for a good reference
but cant find anythin usefull
taxilian 10:01 heh. this isn't exactly the place to look for directshow info =]\
there are some open source projects, though, that do some of that
I would look at them
many are in c#, but you can translate easily enough
I've done it before, but it's been a very very long time
and I was using c#
ocholetras 10:01 ok
wel may be its not the place
but we are using firebreath to include all the dshow stuff and create a capture plugin
thats because i have asked here first
ill keep searching..
taxilian 10:01 hehe
well, it can be done
I can tell you that =]