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jai 00:10 well we are trying to use osgearth with friebreath plugin on windows xp 32 bit
dougma 00:10 i don't know what osgearth is
but when you get a call to onDraw, you must draw.
if you draw something blank then you will probably get flickering... :/
jai 00:10 we are not doin anythin on draw
dougma 00:10 ok, maybe that's the problem.
jai 00:10 on dra is handled y firereath code
well we have a windowed plugin
where in we are displaying earth files on the plugin
dougma 00:10 oh, windowed plugin!
i don't know about them.
jai 00:10 Hello
Hello Everyody
Hello everybody
Is anyody ready to help me
jai 00:10 anyone there\
anyone there ?
pls reply
jai 00:10 hello
hello guyd
Hello Folks
please reply
is anybody listening to me
jai 03:10 i am having a flickering issue, can anyone help me on that
I am on win XP 32 bit, using openscene graph and firebreath.
reichi 03:10 jai: chances are that taxilian can help
he'll be here in about 5h (usually)
jai 03:10 thanks reichi, i will try to contact
adnan_ 11:10 Hello Mr Taxilian , do u remember me
taxilian 11:10 yes, but I don't remember the specifics of what we discussed
adnan_ 11:10 content-disposition do u need more clues
taxilian 11:10 ahh, yes, the download issue
adnan_ 11:10 i solved the problem
taxilian 11:10 oh yeah?
adnan_ 11:10 first of all i used an extension to load the plugin on every time a page is loaded, that also didn't work
then i checked what commercial download managers do, i found that they all use npapi plugins wrapped inside extensions, hence they all failed in case of content-disposition
excepting IDM
it is a bit smarter, it filters out urls at a lower level, and does not even need npapi plugin
so i thougth lets be do something similar, i created a layer 3 (IP) module which listens to all incoming packets, and if packet contains content-disposition : attachment, i replace it with content-disposition: inline, before it reaches the browser, which solved the problem
Now, i have a problem!
firebreath plugin crashes in opera in case of octet-stream content-type, it works fine in windows but not in linux
can u fix the problem somehow
taxilian 12:10 no, but you're welcome to
at least you can try to
thing is I don't think that's likely to be a bug in firebreath
though it is possible
I don't think we ever check the content-type
adnan_ 12:10 i want to say something before continuing
taxilian 12:10 I'll be honest; what you're doing is so far from anything that I think anyone should be doing in a browser that if you add it to my to-do list by adding a jira ticket it will be prioritized dead last
I simply don't have time :-/
adnan_ 12:10 thanks a lot for firebreath, i would love to donate some money for this, but i don't earn yet, still student, so, i think i should take on the challenge, to fix it for opera
taxilian 12:10 that would be great
adnan_ 12:10 OK one more problem! how can i prevent a plugin from loading, in case a user doesn't wish to load the plugin for that particular page
taxilian 12:10 you mean in response to downloading something?
adnan_ 12:10 being more precise, in response to a any specific content-type
taxilian 12:10 as far as I know you can't
but there might be a way; I've never built that type of plugin, so I am not certain
adnan_ 12:10 suppose on clicking a link to pdf file adobe plugin is loaded, and pdf is loaded in browser, instead of getting downloaded
taxilian 12:10 if you handle the pdf mimetype then only one of the two plugins will be used
either yours or adobe's
no way to pass control
adnan_ 12:10 but download managers prevent loading of npapi plugin suppose if user clicks on link while alt key being pressed at same time
i mean let browser handle the file as in case of content-disposition
taxilian 12:10 that has nothing to do with the plugin
that's just a browser feature
adnan_ 12:10 is it
let me check
I suppose no
what makes you suppose that
taxilian 12:10 because it isn't an NPAPI feature
though actually I'm thinking specifically of shift
not al
bleh, can't type
reichi 12:10 drink less, type better :p
or maybe
don't drink and type?
adnan_ 12:10 perhaps you didn't understood my question, i don't mean prioritizing one plugin over another, i just mean preventing a plugin from loading on key press
taxilian 12:10 reichi: I don't drink. ever. never have. =] sleep deprivation, on the other hand....
adnan_: there is no way with NPAPI to do that
in your plugin you could probably check the state of the keyboard using system API calls, but I don't know what you'd do after that
maybe you could return an error from one of the NPP_ functions? I'd have to experiment
if you hold down shift and click, though, the browser just downloads it
tha'ts a browser feature
adnan_ 12:10 ok can we pass on control back to browser for dealing with response after loading plugin i mean http-packet->browser->plugin->browser
taxilian 12:10 I dont' think so, but I could be wrong
as I said, I haven't ever built a plugin that does what you're doing
adnan_ 12:10 you don't consider my plugin, i am asking in general, can we decide in onpluginready() function whether to use plugin or browser default action, similar to RTTI of c++
runtime decision, runtime handling sort of
taxilian 12:10 I dont' think so, but I could be wrong
as I said, I haven't ever built a plugin that does what you're doing
(maybe you missed that before?)
adnan_ 12:10 ok last question!
can we access the http-headers of response inside the plugin
taxilian 12:10 it looks like it
headers are passed in with teh NPStream* object
adnan_ 12:10 Does it mean yes
taxilian 12:10 it looks like it
you'll just have to try and see what is there. I haven't used it, so while the NPAPI spec shows that there is a place to get headers from and FireBreath wires it in, I don't know for sure if all browsers handle it correctly
jshanab 12:10 taxillian. Do you know of a way to force that my plugin runs in process?
taxilian 12:10 you mean other than on a computer-by-computer basis?
jshanab 12:10 Either add a custom pref.js during install or set a pref programatically or ... Yeah It would be a real problem to touch every users settings. It is just for Firefox and it just crashes if use child windows and change tabs or minimize/maximize (which is really the issue)
adnan_ 12:10 Does this link talk about key handling which i mean
taxilian 12:10 jshanab: pretty sure that's not possible
adnan_ 12:10 did i miss something
taxilian 12:10 adnan_: AFAIK nobody but maybe firefox implements that so far
you'd have to try different options
almost guarantee that opera doesn't
I'm on a phone call now, though, so need to ignore this room for a bit
adnan_ 12:10 ok fine, thanks a lot for NPStream, i just discovered a treasure QtitanMultimedia, good bye
How to use npstream in firebreath
adnan_ 13:10 helloo
taxilian 13:10 on the phone; I think I mentioned that
adnan_ 13:10 sorry