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jshanab 13:10 Can anyone tell me what FireFox's thread exit codes mean? I am getting "plugin-container.exe: Native' has exited with code 253 (0xfd)."
jshanab 13:10 I found it to be caused by a stack overflow from the plugin. I have the ability to change from directx player to opengl player with and without event handling and it looks like it has nothing at all to do with DirectX or maybe even windows events as I previously thought.
My plugin crashes if I chage tabs or minimize/maximize browser when using plugin-container and is fine if i disable plugin-container
rcohn 14:10 Hi - Does Windows 8 classic desktop IE 10 impose any plugin restrictions (such as not running Active X plugins until some security setting is made)? I cannot run my FB-built plugin on IE10 classic desktop; chrome runs the plugin just fine on classic desktop. Thanks.
jshanab 15:10 I have a serious problem with my plugin when I turn off the ipc. jsut changing tabs and coming back or minimizing and rtestoringthe browser crashes the plugin. It appears as if eiter directX or opengl say the exact same thing. Stack overflow in calling winProc and it seems the HWND became invlaid. This works fine if I set it to not use the plugin contianer, But my sutomers use [email protected]
kylehuff 16:10 jshanab: have you thought about filing a bug report regarding that issue?
dougma 20:10 jshanab: when you get the stack overflow are any of the stack frames in your code?
jakepetroules 21:10 is firebreath supposed to build two dlls? one for NPAPI one for ActiveX?
jakepetroules 22:10 never mind i guess it gets compiled into both
dougma 22:10 jakepetroules: one dll for both
jakepetroules 22:10 wait really?
it didn't seem to imply that
in the tutorial