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vk 12:10 Hi. I'm currently evaluating FireBreath because I have to replace an old Firefox XPConnect plugin with a new cross-browser plugin. FireBreath seems to be a really amazing framework and is exactly what I searched for.
Currently, I have a problem running the FBTestPlugin in Google Chrome (version 22). Tests getUrl and postUrl do not work - the callbacks are never executed (neither the plugin part nor the JS counterpart). Can someone confirm the problems with Chrome? The FBTestPlugin works perfectly with FF16 and IE9. -- Volker
taxilian 12:10 working fine for me
as of a few days ago
vk 12:10 What is the recommended version? 1.6 or 1.7?
taxilian 12:10 1.7
there are still a few bugs, but they probably won't affect you
vk 12:10 Thanks. I'm currently using 1.6. I'll try 1.7 - maybe it works then.
vk 13:10 getUrl and postUrl still do not work in Chrome (with FireBreath 1.7). testStreams does not work completely either. In both cases I can see POST (postUrl) and GET (testStreams) requests that have status "cancelled" in the network panel of the developer tools (of course I did not stop it manually). Any idea how this could happen?
tpaul 13:10 I've figured out how pass the zone to my JSAPI constructor but I'm still not sure how to set methods of my JSAPI into different zones. Do I call FB::scoped_zonelock at the begininng of each method?
taxilian 13:10 look a JSAPIAuto.cpp
or maybe .h
I forget
in short, you call it when you register the method or property, not in the method itself
but there is an example in JSAPIAuto because the default methods are there
tpaul 13:10 I was using the example from JSAPIAuto.cpp but I was getting erros when trying to set more than one zone, I'll go at it again
setting a single "global" zone was working however
taxilian 13:10 you'll need to create a subscope for each zone
tpaul 13:10 That was it :) Thanks
Under what section should I start a SecurityZones page? Advanced Topics?
taxilian 14:10 that sounds reasonable
tpaul 14:10 I'm gonna poke around with a few more test and make sure I got it down before I write anything up, Hopefully it is not horribly incorrect :) Thanks for the help.
vk 15:10 I'm still struggling with getUrl/postUrl tests of the FBTestPlugin which continue to fail for Google Chrome. For some reason, NpapiPluginModule::NPP_Write never gets called (which is the case for FF16/IE9). Considering that the request status is "cancelled" in the network panel - may there be some Chrome-specific security issue that I'm not aware of?
taxilian 15:10 seems not unlikely
but I don't know what it would be
vk 15:10 Did you run your test also from the file system (i,e, file://.../test,html)? Or deloyed to a local web server?
taxilian 15:10 hmm. usually just from the filesystem
jwarner 15:10 I'm having trouble getting actual data through a BrowserStreamHandler. Is there someone who wouldn't mind clarifying a few things?
taxilian 15:10 sure
jwarner 15:10 I'm calling m_host->createStream with my stream handler (derived from DefaultBrowserStreamHandler), with what I know to be a valid URL. The stream handler gets the onStreamCreated event, but nothing further. Am I missing a critical "startStream" call perhaps?
taxilian 15:10 take a look at SimpleStreamHelper for an example of usage
jwarner 15:10 Should I be looking at the implementation? The comments in the header?
taxilian 15:10 implementation
or you could just go ahead and use it
example of using it is in FBTestPlugin
be back in a few; going to get lunch
jwarner 15:10 hmm... my assumption was that I'd need a DefaultBrowserStreamHandler, because I want to write the data to disk locally. It looks like neither of the FBTestPlugin download stream tests (getUrl and testStreams, in particular) handle the data through c++ code. Can I get the data in c++ without using a DefaultBrowserStreamHandler?
taxilian 16:10 SimpleStreamsHelper is an example of getting the data in C++
you can use SimpleStreamsHelper if you want; it uses DefaultBrowserStreamHandler behind the scenes
jwarner 16:10 Do you have any pointers for debugging a plugin crash?
(no pun intended)
taxilian 16:10 yes
attach a debugger
jwarner 16:10 Yeah, just after I sent that I noticed the "Debugging plugins page"... my bad.
JuanDaugherty 16:10 pun?
like char * pointer?
tpaul 17:10 Anyone know how to add a code block in Confluence besides Insert -> Other Macros, It's broken for me :/
taxilian 17:10 I think tha'ts the only way these days