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HelpMePlease 07:10 Hi there
I am having an issue with creating a VSS project
after using the prep2010.cmd command
the following message is shown:
'cmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
anyone have any ideas please?
taxilian 10:10 HelpMePlease: you either didn't install cmake or you didin't add it to your path
or you didn't restart your command prompt after installing it, I suppose
tpaul 12:10 Is see SecurityZones is in the Documentation-TODO section, It would be really super awesome it if someone knowledgeable on the subject could document this, even a little or provide some basic info as to how it works.
taxilian 12:10 that it would
feel free to become that person =]
you could start by searching the logs
since I've explained it to people before
tpaul 12:10 haha :) I am looking through the source, which logs should I be looking at?
Ah IRC logs K
I'll grep that and put in the docs if I can
taxilian 12:10