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Alyoshak 10:01 Howdy. Taxilian, I was in here the other day asking a question about staticInitialize() then drifted away and by the time I came back you had asked a question and had left. The answer to your question is that I logged to the Console app using the following:
openlog("foo", (LOG_CONS|LOG_PERROR|LOG_PID), LOG_USER); syslog(priority, "%s", "a message"); closelog();
taxilian 10:01 I saw your messages
Alyoshak 10:01 syslog(priority, "%s", "a message");
taxilian 10:01 so I've never actually used those functions to do loggign
so I have no idea
Alyoshak 10:01 to make things more readable.
taxilian 10:01 I use log4cplus for logging, and I've never had the messages just not show up for one plugin
Alyoshak 10:01 Ok. You seemed interested so I thought I'd come back and post. I was wondering if staticInitialize() and/or the plugin constructor are meant to be the very first places in the code to execute.
I just want to make sure I know as early as possible that the browser has successfully loaded the plugin -- with a log statement.
They are showing up successfully now. I should have added that. I had a dylib loading problem, now solved.
Is there a better place in the code that staticInitialize() or the plugin constructor to put a log statement that will tell me that the plugin was successfully loaded by the browser?
taxilian 10:01 staticinit will tell you the plugin was loaded, but will not be called for each instance
plugin constructor would wrok
you could also use onPluginLoaded
(not sure that's the name, but it's something like that)
static init is the earliest place you can put it
constructor is probably the earliest that is called for each instance
Alyoshak 10:01 Ah. Thx.
Where's the best place/way to make a donation? It's been a year.
taxilian 10:01 easiest is just paypal
either use the link on the site or just send it to [email protected]
Alyoshak 10:01 Good. Thx.
ocholetras1 13:01 hi all guys!
taxilian 13:01 they always come while I'm at lunch...
Hibernatus34 14:01 Is it possible to make a windowless plugin that correctly works in IE ?
keith` 15:01 taxilian... you around?
checking on irc log parsing
taxilian 15:01 hey, I'm here
Hibernatus34: yes, I have one
but it depends on what you want to do
keith`: I so far haven't had time to set up the irc log stuff on my server :-(
keith` 15:01 be helpful was my general goal. :)
taxilian 15:01 sorry :-/ I don't do much Ruby… what is the easiest way to get it up and running?
keith` 15:01 to test or in production?
taxilian 15:01 production
anything is better than what is currently there, no? =]
keith` 15:01 Assuming it runs, yes. :)
I'll send you some quick steps via email.
taxilian 15:01 where is the git repo?
keith` 15:01 You were thinking of using thin, right?
taxilian 15:01 that's what I've used before, but if you have a better suggestion I'm open
keith` 15:01 You use nginx?
Passenger runs rails within nginx.
Fewer moving parts is generally helpful.
taxilian 15:01 yes
keith` 15:01 Yes to which? Already using nginx?
taxilian 15:01 yes already using nginx
keith` 15:01 ok. I'll shoot you an email in a day or two for nginx, postgres, and the rails 3 log parser.
Sound ok?
taxilian 15:01 sounds good
sorry I haven't gotten to it sooner
just been sick lately
and haven't done much
keith` 15:01 Sorry to hear that. Rest up, play games.
Hibernatus34 15:01 taxilian : in IE when you trigger the RefreshEvent through InvalidateWindow, the drawing coordinates seem to be relative to the plugin itself, while a "normal" RefreshEvent is relative to the browser window. Is there something i missed ?
taxilian 15:01 I have no idea on that
keith` 15:01 Oh, as an aside, is taxilian from the Erikson novels?
taxilian 15:01 nope
and I don't have any evidence to say that he got it from me
but it's possible
since I've been using it longer
keith` 15:01 He probably stole it from you.
taxilian 15:01 I started using it, if I'm calculating correctly, in about '94 or '95
keith` 15:01 Made up or inspired by something?
taxilian 15:01 originally Taxilian Berillo was a character in a star-trek based online play by email role playing game
completely made it up
keith` 15:01 Wow. Erikson totally stole it. Time for a strongly worded letter.
taxilian 15:01 if memory serves I closed my eyes and hit a key and then started trying various types of gibberish after it until I came up with something I liked
keith` 15:01 Was alcohol involved?
taxilian 15:01 lol. I was 13 at the time.
actually I have never drunk alcohol, so it wouldn't be anyway =]
but in this case, definitely not
keith` 15:01 I used to not drink. Then I got married. :P
taxilian 15:01 I don't think I would anyway, but I don't drink alcohol, tea, or coffee for religious reasons
so if anything, getting married made me even less likely to drink =]
Hibernatus34 15:01 taxilian : does it mean you never call InvalidateWindow or that you didn't notice the problem ?
keith` 15:01 Fair enough.
taxilian 15:01 Hibernatus34: I don't think I ever have to call InvalidateWindow, as I think about it; I haven't had a problem, but it sounds somewhat familiar
you could look into where the event comes from and maybe you could find a way to fix it
keith` 15:01 I'm going back to work. I'll email you something hopefully useful next.
taxilian 15:01 cool. thanks
nando 15:01 anybody having worked with event handling in linux ?
taxilian 15:01 not really; whats the issue?
Hibernatus34 15:01 taxilian : Thanks, i'll try to have a look at it. Unfortunately i have very little time for this project (overtime only, and a short deadline), so i might end up using a html UI only.
taxilian 15:01 honestly that's what I usually do =]
nando 15:01 the thing is that the onMouseMove/Up/Down handlers don't get called. Only the onX11Event() handler is called
taxilian 15:01 probably you'll have to either register to receive them or maybe handle the X11Event for it
it may be that nobody has updated the abstraction to support those events
nando 16:01 yes, i think thats is the case. Do i have to implement this mapping? (i mean from X11 events to FB::MouseUpEvent etc)
is there any documentation on handling events?
taxilian 16:01 probably not for that
it's not used much
and I don't know GDK events very well so I never did it
so unless someone else has (and I don't honestly remember offhand) it's not there
you're welcome to fix it and submit a patch =]
nando 16:01 ok. And i intend to do so. I suppose getting the GDK event, creating the corresponding FB::AnyMappedEvent and manually calling the currently abbstract handler would do?
Is there any example code that does the same thing in other platforms?
taxilian 16:01 look in PluginAuto/Win/PluginWindowWin
nando 16:01 ok. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
taxilian 16:01 good luck
Hibernatus34 16:01 Heh, my problem was that i didn't know about RefreshEvent::bounds :) Had to disable intellisense because it kills my computer.
iori 23:01 qweqwe
hey man
Hey, Reichi