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Harry1978 06:10 hi! i've got a question about donation. is there something like a receipt available (which i need for our german fiscal authorities)
reichi 06:10 Harry1978: taxillian lives in the US
he usually drops in at about 16:00-17:00 german time
Harry1978 06:10 okay, thanks for the information. I'll try it later.
johannes 07:10 Getting the donation as a tax-relevant donation accoriding to German law is hard, would require a non-profit foundation accepted by German "IRS" (Finanzamt) ... maybe some umbrella foundation like Software Freedom Conservancy could help
alternatively taxillian might write an invoice, then the "donator" might deducesome taxes ... but taxilian would have to pay taxes
and one entersthetough area of multi-country-taxation
(I know harry left, butmaybe this is still useful andcan be incorporated in ananswer when he comes back)
reichi 07:10 The US Laws in terms of donations are soooooooooooooo much different
form what we have in germany
johannes 07:10 well, taxation laws are the primary thing the politic can use to define all things in live ...
reichi 07:10 i would love to have us-style donations in germany :/
johannes 07:10 In my first tax lesson in university the prof had quite a few examples on the effects
reichi 07:10 but you can't take a cent in germany...
which i think is a pity for smaller projects
(like my android app)
so i have to add the incredible amount of few hundred euros of donations to my return of tax
johannes 07:10 well, it's tough, as there's a small line between a "gift" and "dirty money" (schwarzgeld und schwarzarbeit)
anyways gotta run ;-)
reichi 07:10 LAUF!
(means RUN in english)
johannes 07:10 well, cycling :-p
maybe one of the last sunny days here in munich (nice "Föhn" wheather, blue sky, 26°C)
reichi 07:10 i know
i live in munich, too ;)
johannes 10:10 reichi: yay! firebreath usergroup munich :-p
Harry78 15:10 Hi! is taxilian my contact person regarding donations to the firebreath project?
taxilian 15:10 Harry78: yes
Harry78 15:10 hi taxilian
taxilian 15:10 hello
Harry78 15:10 i need a confirmation of the donation for the german tax office
is this possible?
taxilian 15:10 I really have no idea =] what is required?
I do not have an official non-profit set up for FireBreath
but if you paypal a donation you should get a receipt from that
or I can send you something, if you can tell me what I need to send
Harry78 15:10 that should be no problem, but i run a company from which i want to donate 500euros via paypal
taxilian 15:10 that would be awesome
that would help a lot to offset the hosting costs this year
Harry78 15:10 i would offer that to my tax accountant and ask him what is required for such a transaction
taxilian 15:10 makes sense. I don't have the slightest idea; I know nothing about german tax law
Harry78 15:10 perhaps i need a written acknowledgement that money has been transfered from me to you (outside europe, which means a different taxing)
taxilian 15:10 for that matter I don't really know much about the relevant US tax law in this case =] I don't get so many donations that it's been worth finding out
Harry78 15:10 okay. i'll ask him monday morning, my paypal account for my company is properly set up, so it should be an immediate transfer possible. the afterwards acknowledgement should be no problem
what's your paypal email address for the transaction?
taxilian 15:10 there is a donation button on the website, but the address it goes to is [email protected] (I think, let me verify)
yeah, that one should work great
Harry78 15:10 [email protected] is the address in the donation process
so, which address should I use?
taxilian 15:10 either works
they both are on the same account
both go to the same box, in fact =]
Harry78 16:10 done
taxilian 16:10 just received. thank you very much
Harry78 16:10 i'll contact you if my tax office needs additional confirmations (or let you know if it's ok the way i've sent it)
taxilian 16:10 if you pop in and ask for help and I am seeming slow, remind me who you are and I'll try to help you a little extra =]
Harry78 16:10 no special handling please, the donation is the respect of effort the firebreath framework stands for
taxilian 16:10 I give a little bit of preference to anyone who actually contributes back; it's more rare than you might think
many in this room are on that list, though few have actually given money
Harry78 16:10 (at the momet i'm dealing with the parameter length issue of yesterday, i'll solve it another way)
taxilian 16:10 your issue is with the lenght of the strings?
Harry78 16:10 do you offer a commercial support for firebreath? could be an option of using the option
taxilian 16:10 I have considered it, but I simply don't have the time :-/ I do occasionally do subcontracting
Harry78 16:10 yes, i've tracked it down to an issue only on windows (mac and linux are ok)
taxilian 16:10 so an FYI
while I'm not sending giant json documents
I am sending base64 encoded text
and I have used it to send 200K long strings to the browser
Harry78 16:10 should make no difference, string is string
taxilian 16:10 right
how big is the string in question?
and which browsers have you seen the problem on?
Harry78 16:10 written to a a file: everything over 15500 bytes kills the parameter
taxilian 16:10 hmm; that doesn't make sense
Harry78 16:10 most actual firefox in win7
chrome on win7 works
IE9 breaks
taxilian 16:10 IE?
what are the symptoms when it breaks? I was a little distracted yesterday getting a release out
Harry78 16:10 i've checked if reading a property works: nope
the plugin crashed, and windows is not very informative why
taxilian 16:10 have you tried attaching a debugger?
what are you developing in? which version of vs? express or pro?
Harry78 16:10 no, since i'm not really that conform in attaching visual studio to a running firefox plugin
taxilian 16:10 ouch. I have done it with express before, but it was a pain
Harry78 16:10 vs2010
taxilian 16:10 I know it can be done; there was some option I had to set to enable debugging and such
Harry78 16:10 when logging every line after each function call via log4cpp, i can see that the plugin crashed when calling the invoke of a JS function
taxilian 16:10 honestly your best bet tracking something like that down is to attach a debugger; not only can you then step through the process and see what is actually happening, but when it crashes you'll get a stack trace and I can help with that
that's not terribly informative =]
Harry78 16:10 FB::variant_list_of(...<long json string>...) seemed to work
taxilian 16:10 most likely the issue is when it converts it to the browser format
but the most likely candidate for problems at that point would be if the browser isn't letting you allocate a big enough string
whcih I've never seen
Harry78 16:10 i'll give it a try by configuring the debugging process, hopefully i'll be able to do so tomorrow
i've googled for the maximum amount of string length given as parameter in firefox on windows: should be no problem for my <100kb of string
an alternative would be a pain: call a JS function for every output line, which would take speed to a very slow system
taxilian 16:10 that shouldn't be needed
if you can create a sample project that I can repro it with I might be able to look at it monday
Harry78 16:10 no effort needed, i'll check the debugging process, i hope I can accomplish that (even if it's a pain)
this could become very interesting for debugging other situations, too
(and i could write an article for the FAQs)
taxilian 16:10 good luck