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tanc 01:10 guys im having a bit of a problem with the tutorial
the build was successful and i link it to the internet plug-ins folder but when i open the test page it shows that the plugin is not successfully loaded
can someone kindly enlighten me..thx!
tanc 01:10 problem solved.. seems u need absolute path for directory when you symlink the plugin
echulin 03:10 I created a NPAPI plugin with FireBreath that accesses to databases, download files, and so on. Some operations take longer to complete. Sometimes the browser alerts me that the plugin is not responding and asks if I want to stop it. How can I avoid this message?
JuanDaugherty 05:10 just tested in x64 with nightly confirming that does work
harry 13:10 hi alltogether
Guest60945 13:10 i've one question: when setting up a firebreath project under windows7 via prep2010.cmd script, it complains that curl is missing (CURL_LIBRARY CURL_INCLUDE_DIR). should these be environmental variables with path information or what?
taxilian 13:10 so that means you're trying to use the curl firebreath_library
Guest60945 13:10 yep, my plugin depends on it
taxilian 13:10 a) that's an unsupported library. you have been warned =]
b) that error is normal on windows, ignore it
we can't hide it
Guest60945 13:10 okay. should i manually edit the MS visual studio project definition in order to link to that external lib, too?
taxilian 13:10 no
that should be done automatically
and if it weren't, you'd do it in cmake
you never manually edit the visual studio projects
Guest60945 13:10 that's why i asked, i have read that in several places
taxilian 13:10 except as a quick proof of concept before doing it right
Guest60945 13:10 i'll give it a try and otherwise edit the project's cmake file accordingly
btw: thank you very much for the great framework, it gives me very useful possibilities in client interaction
taxilian 13:10 I'm glad it's helpful
Guest60945 13:10 in windows7, the created DLL (the plugin?) just has to be added to the system's registry (for first tries) via "regsvr32" calls from any position? the browser (in my case firefox) can use it instantly after restart of the browser?
("about:plugins" doesn't show it, is there a chance to debug the situation why not?)
taxilian 13:10 first question, did you use prep2010.cmd or prep2010x64.cmd?
Guest60945 13:10 prep2010.cmd
taxilian 13:10 okay, good
Guest60945 13:10 (32bit version, same as browser)
taxilian 13:10 second question, did regsvr32 complete successfully?
Guest60945 13:10 ERRORLEVEL is 0, but there are external references of the dll (the said libcurl.dll and zlib1.dll)
taxilian 13:10 did regsvr32 complete successfully? there is a dialog that pops up and tells you
and you shouldn't need a libcurl.dll if you're using the firebreath curl
but if you do have external dependencies it will need to be able to find those or regsvr32 can't complete
Guest60945 13:10 the external references are located in the same directory
the tool "depends" shows up the requested dlls in this directory. when moving them around, they are missing
may the version of regsvr32 (32bit or 64bit) be the reason? (giving it a try)
nope, 32bit regsvr32 is the same result as 64bit regsvr32
i think the project doesn't use the internal CURL installation, but an external reference. can I somehow verify if the project is set up properly for internal CURL usage?
taxilian 13:10 did you add the reference yourself?
it might be getting added by something else you're linking to
Guest60945 14:10 the project's file PluginConfig.cmake contains a line "add_firebreath_library(curl)", firebreath itself contains a directory src/libs/curl/curl/lib, which contains the libs and exp files (but there are not header files available)
in Linux and MacOS X the linking and CURL include path may come from the system's installation, since I use curl for other purposes, too
taxilian 14:10 firebreath itself does not contain the curl directories; it's pulled down atuomatically by the prep script when you try to us it
use it
and there should be header files in there if you look
Guest60945 14:10 the curl installation just contains the libs, not the include files. the MS visual projects prj definition is correct: it contains the correct include path for the curl components, but the include files are missing. seems the "pull" mechanism doesn't work properly
taxilian 14:10 it pulled from here:
you are probably not looking in the right place
it would be in src/libs/curl/curl/include
Guest60945 14:10 is it pulled by the local git installation via the prep2010.cmd? or is there any other prep command?
taxilian 14:10 it's pulled by cmake
which is invoked by all prep commands
only works if you have git installed
Guest60945 14:10 i can see the doing in src/libs/curl/CMakeLists.txt, but I've never seen any output of this cmake file
taxilian 14:10 would have been the first time
after that it's there
might be partially broken; it's not maintained
Guest60945 14:10 i can run the prep2010.cmd as many times as I want in order to reproduce the output?
taxilian 14:10 yes
Guest60945 14:10 re-downloaded firebreath and installed it in a separate directory for the win32 release, ran the prep2010.cmd inside that and *wohoo* it downloaded the curl installation. so I'll take a note for that: make a separate directory for every platform in order not to confuse the "installation".
taxilian 14:10 ahh
I didn't realize you were trying to share things
you don't need a seperate firebreath directory, but you do need a seperate build directory
Guest60945 14:10 that explains it.
taxilian 14:10 the build directory is specific to a computer
you don't ever put it in source control or use it on multiple computers
Guest60945 14:10 the curl library from git:// needs openssl to be linked in addition (i'll add the requirement to fulfill that)
taxilian 14:10 yeah