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magicken 01:01 Hello, i created a windowed plugin, but if the browser hangs due to javascript process, the RefreshEvent is not fired anymore so i can't draw.
What can i do? (If I create a standard ActiveX I can draw ever!)
reichi 02:01 is your plugin blocking?
or some "random" javascript that's not tied to your plugin?
magicken 02:01 "random" javascript (i.e. if you do a while (true) in javascript the browser hangs but a "standard windowed" activex continue to draw)
Riccardo 03:01 Hy
Is there someone who can help me deciding to use or not firebreath? I have primarly a question regarding navigation event handling
filipp_ 09:01 any one working with firebreath on osx?
filipp_ 10:01 my plugin renders/draws fine in firefox and chrome, but doesn't show anything in safari.
Alyoshak 10:01 Taxilian, sorry, I was waiting on a response yesterday and got distracted and forgot I was here. I think you asked how I was logging to from inside StaticInitialize(). By the time I saw it you were gone. Here's what I used:
openlog("Log", (LOG_CONS|LOG_PERROR|LOG_PID), LOG_USER); syslog(LOG_INFO, "Inside %s", "StaticInitialize()"); closelog();
Still working on this same problem, but it's not an FB problem. Trying to get the plugin to load the dylib. Pretty frustrating. Had no problems on Windows.
Ah, I see you're away. I'll try later, unless it's possible for you to get this even though I'm exiting.