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aboudreault 11:09 Hi people.
I've just discovered firebreath, which look pretty nice.
I tired to build a software that use it... it builds properly but can't use the method in firefox/chrome.
How can I see the exported functions by the NP module?
reichi 11:09 but you do have an according <object> or <embed> in your html, right?
aboudreault 11:09 Yes, I see some debug message from the plugin in the console too.
but the method I want to use is undefined
this is the module:
registerMethod("InitDepthJS", make_method(this, &depthjspluginAPI::InitDepthJS));
reichi 11:09 maybe your plugin doesn't load properly
aboudreault 11:09 yeah, i guess so :(
Will try to use gdb to debug it later.
kylehuff 11:09 aboudreault: can you access the properties you have registered? i.e. version
aboudreault 11:09 no
checking the code... I'm also not getting all debug message I should.
So, something is wrong in the init method.
will try to debug this
reichi 11:09 there are things you're not allowed to do in the constructor
aboudreault 11:09 reichi, such?
reichi 11:09 (my brain is a mess, i don't remember atm)
i think raising events
aboudreault 11:09 ok