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Alyoshak 16:01 Howdy. Trials continue. If I run test.html which uses FBTestPlugin, I can get some output to the console by putting a log statement in staticDeinitialize(). But in my own plugin, even though the html takes 30-40+ seconds to load, I get no such logging ouput in the Console. One question is: what is the first part of the source code to execute in a successfully loaded plugin?
I basically have a plugin loading problem which I'm trying to debug by seeing if any of the plugin source is being executed. Fyi, in bottom left corner of firefox I get this "Read" which stays there the whole 30 to 40 secs. But this never happens with FBTestPlugin. Trying to figure out what this is now. Not sure what I've done to make it get clogged up calling some google url by means of ajax.
taxilian 16:01 Alyoshak: what kind of logging are you talking about?