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tumis 03:09 Hi, I am using PluginWindowMac::getWindowRef() and Ii get NULL. It is in Safari. Do you have any suggestions?
aassddss 03:09 asd
taxilian 08:09 tumis: yeah; getWindowRef is only valid during a draw event
tumis 08:09 @taxilian: Is there a plan to make it valid all the time? I have an application written in Qt, and trying to convert it to plugin, so need a window to move it to. It works on Windows now.
taxilian 08:09 uh, no. not only is there no plan, it's nto possible. this isn't something we can decide, it's fundamentally the way the browser works
there is no NSView
you can use CoreGraphics, in which case you can only draw in response to a draw event; you can request that event by calling InvalidateWindow on the PluginWindow
or you can use CoreAnimation, where I think you can actually draw to the CALayer whenever you want and then call InvalidateWindow
but you use the drawing layer that you use; it isn't just an arbitrary decision that we made with FireBreath, it's just all that the browser provides
tumis 08:09 ok, so I have to live with a separate popup window. Thanks. :(
JuanDaugherty 11:09 (i.e prof ed)
although FWIU the vcpkgsrv thing happens everywhere it's used including VS2010 non-Xpress
odd though because have done other projects with xpress and didn't notice, including w boost
taxilian 11:09 if you ever figure it out, let me know =]
JuanDaugherty 12:09 well whatever it is with vcpkg it's not unique to your project
but if it was ubiguitous, MS would have issued a fix
taxilian 12:09 I know. I wish we could figure out what the trigger is and work around it, tho
JuanDaugherty 12:09 vs2005 doesn't use it
googling indicated it was pch when I first encountered the problem (i.e. early in use of fb)
haochen 13:09 Hi I'm wondering if WiX just works out of the box?
I generated a vs2010 project and have WiX 3.6 installed
but when I build the project I don't see any installer being generated
Do I need to change anything in the wxs file?
taxilian 13:09 haochen: set the environment variable WIX to the path where WiX is installed
haochen 14:09 Hi it seems that I have WiX 3.6 installed but prep2010.cmd doesn't generate the WiX installer project
taxilian 14:09 haochen: set the environment variable WIX to the path where WiX is installed
haochen 15:09 okay thank you
Do I need to restart the machine after installed WiX?
taxilian 15:09 no
just rerun the prep script
haochen 15:09 hmm still doesn't seem to generate the project
taxilian 15:09 hmmm. you might have to restart the command prompt you're using for the env variable to populate
haochen 15:09 yes i tried that
do i need to change anything in wxs?
taxilian 15:09 shouldn't need to
haochen 16:09 okay found the problem...
the default WiX has a backslash at the end
which causes FireBreath not be abled to find WiX...
taxilian 16:09 huh
haochen 16:09 when i remove the backslash in WIX env variable it works
probably should update the wiki :)
taxilian 16:09 please do so =]
haochen 16:09 updated :)
taxilian 16:09 thanks