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jshanab 18:09 I am trying to debug my plugin on Mac but I cannot even attach to firefox or safari. Fairefox crashes in a mozilla assert in libmozglue something about parseuri. This is before the plugin even gets loaded.
Any hints?
Already turned off ipc. This is xcode 4.3.3
jshanab 19:09 good evening taxilian
taxilian 19:09 hello
jshanab 19:09 I am trying to debug a plugin on MAC in xcode and it is not cooperating. Attaching to firefox just crashes xcode. even before I load the plugin.
taxilian 19:09 attaching to firefox won't help, likely
you'd need to attach to the plugin process
look at npmacmain.cpp
there is a call that is #ifdefed out that will cause the process to wait 'til you attach a debugger
jshanab 19:09 I turned off IPC so isn't the process firefox?
taxilian 19:09 in that case yes, but if it's crashing doing that then the other might be worth trying
jshanab 19:09 Do you debug with xcode in MAC?
taxilian 19:09 yeah
the way I described =]
jshanab 19:09 ok, I will try enabling IPC. I was afraid it was an xcode issue
taxilian 19:09 oh, it might be
but not a "xcode doesn't work for anyone" issue
jshanab 19:09 ok, ok where is npmacmain?
I used fbgen from a recent pull to create this plugin but I cannot find it in the procjet tree and the mac's find cannot find it