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Gordon_LN 09:09 In the latest 1.7 branch, is there a minimum boost version required?
(for unti tests)
taxilian 09:09 TBH? I have no idea :-P
it definitely works on 1.45
Gordon_LN 09:09 I am getting build errors on ubuntu 12.04 (but I had switched to latest boost on OSX/Windows)
(boost 1.46.1
taxilian 09:09 should be fine
Gordon_LN 09:09 ok I will look closer at the error so. (BTW I have released a bunch of pull requests on github)
taxilian 09:09 yeah; I'm sorry I've really been swamped and haven't had time to look at it
but I saw them
Gordon_LN 09:09 I mostly broke down my previous pull request, to make it easier to review (as it was just growing).
taxilian 09:09 I appreciate that
Gordon_LN 09:09 Anyhoo - its all good, the 32/64 bit stuff is working (pretty much along the lines of what we discussed last night.
taxilian 09:09 cool
TruthFairy 10:09 the SSD did perform as expected. A little better actually.
taxilian 10:09 awesome
I've been really happy with mine
TruthFairy 10:09 an operation that took about a minute or more before just took < 5s
(the module list in drupal)
taxilian 10:09 =]
TruthFairy 10:09 what is the relation of <proj>_PluginAuto to the FB generated <proj>?
is it just for cmake ops, or does it have a functional role in the plugin?
taxilian 10:09 it contains code that is not code you need to change but depends on files (headers mostly) generated by your project from your PluginConfig
Gordon_LN 11:09 FYI For Boost 1.50 Thread is dependent on chrono. But chrono does not exist in 1.46.1. I have included the solution in my SYSTEM_BOOST_SUPPORT pull request.
taxilian 11:09 ok
Gordon_LN 11:09 The "new" fix also resolved the "add_boost_library" and SYSTEM_BOOST
taxilian 11:09 okay
I'll look at it when I can
Gordon_LN 11:09 No real rush.
TruthFairy 11:09 is there a way to turn off precompiled headers in a fbgen'ed Visual Studio project?
taxilian 11:09 TruthFairy: not currently, but if you want to add it it wouldn't be hard and I can tell you where to start
also, the vs project isn't fbgened
TruthFairy 11:09 yes, tell me
ok prep gen'd then
taxilian 11:09 (you'd be surprised how many people don't get that fbgen is just a code generation tool; I know you understand, but I don't want to perpetuate confusion in others)
at the bottom there is MACRO(ADD_PRECOMPILED_HEADER PROJECT_NAME PrecompiledHeader PrecompiledSource SourcesVar)
inside that macro you could add IF (NOT FIREBREATH_NO_PCH) or something similar around the whole thing
then you just pass in -DFIREBREATH_NO_PCH=1 to the prep script and it won't use them
TruthFairy 11:09 k thx, will give that a try
TruthFairy 14:09 doesn't look like current FB will build with VS2005
taxilian 14:09 oh? what happens when you try?
TruthFairy 14:09 bunch of compile errors
this is with the prep2005x64 I made
taxilian 14:09 ahh. that may well have issues; AFAIK it still works with 2005 non-64 bit
TruthFairy 14:09 do you (as opposed to cmake) do anything diff for 64bit?
taxilian 14:09 no
TruthFairy 14:09 nor any of the boost libs you use SFAYK?
taxilian 14:09 not familiar with that acronymn
TruthFairy 14:09 the person who built 64, were they on mac>
So Far As You Know
taxilian 14:09 ahh
no idea on that one
TruthFairy 14:09 s/>/?/
I couldn't actually find a prebuilt 64bit Chrome
taxilian 14:09 why exactly do you want to do 64 bit?
TruthFairy 14:09 client requirement. The prob with v2k5 looks like mostly active x
I told them it was way more trouble than it's worth
taxilian 14:09 wouldn't surprise me; 2k5 has several weird hacks with ATL that we had to do
lots of people who don't actually understand the whole 32 vs 64 bit thing in browser space think they need 64 bit. A few people who do understand actaully do need it
TruthFairy 14:09 yeah the whole IT industry is driven by such people
the 16-32 transition went much faster/smoother
this is gonna take a while but apparently not hurt
browsers might be something that affects though if 64 bit browsers are noticebly faster or something
I do understand it. I personally don't need it and think it's a waste, but I don't generally dictate to clients.
taxilian 14:09 the thing they don't realize is that almost nobody uses a 64 bit browser
TruthFairy 14:09 I exercise control but I don't set norms for them
I tried to explain that
taxilian 14:09 it's actually difficult to get 64 bit browsers on windows, except IE, and that one you have to try to open
TruthFairy 14:09 well microsoft explicitly forbids use of 64 as the system browser
including IE
it's right there in the Windows 7 interface
but I should be able to get at least 1 plugin build for Nightly (18.0a.1)
after that if they want to pay for 64 it's their call
taxilian 14:09 hehe
TruthFairy 14:09 I think games and other dedicated platforms are the only place people are routinely building 64 and then it's an all 64 environment
cd ..
actually looks like it could be from taking the precompiled headers out.
taxilian 14:09 hmm. that is possible; you might have some includes in the wrong order now
TruthFairy 14:09 some boost stuff is getting inclusion problems
taxilian 14:09 I tried to keep those all consistent, but something could have slipped by
TruthFairy 14:09 i would have though pch would make a diff?
guess it would though if you develop with it on
taxilian 14:09 with pch on anything before the pch include in the cpp file on windows is ignored
TruthFairy 14:09 (correction for 1st)
taxilian 14:09 so turn it off and include order changes significantly
TruthFairy 14:09 apparently
taxilian 14:09 and I always develop with it on -- compile times are *so* much faster
also intellisense works better
TruthFairy 14:09 wht VS do you use?
taxilian 14:09 vs2010 usually
TruthFairy 14:09 wonder why you don't see the vcpkgsrvr problem?
taxilian 14:09 I occasionally see it lock up; I just kill it with the task manager, then everything is smooth again. doesn't happen often
TruthFairy 14:09 it happens a lot for me
and it completely defeats the creation of browse info
although there was some path I followed that allowed it to be built
I keep the task mgr up just for this
TruthFairy 19:09 does prepeclipse make a workspace?
looks like maybe not but does run prepmake, guess you're supposed to take it from there. Thought could be like VS.
TruthFairy 19:09 see the forum has an entry on this
a make file and sources are definitely sufficient to build a workspace so your approach with prepeclipse should be sound
catery 19:09 taxillian tell me you are a NACL expert
TruthFairy 20:09 seems to have picked up the cmake stuff
taxilian 20:09 catery: nope
catery 20:09 taxilian you have used chrome native client
tell me yes
taxilian 20:09 catery: I do plugins. not nacl, not chrome apps, not extensions, just plugins. perhaps someone else here would tell you yes if you ask them