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JuanDaugherty 06:09 chrome doesn't seem to be honoring --plugin-startup-dialog. Has that changed? Is there a way to specify it other than command line?
hasa 06:09 Hi, any advice how to get the log level fix to use in 1.6 version ?
it was jira 146 as far I remember :)
hasa 08:09 maybe I comment out all my FBLOG calls, radical but working method to get less verbose logging :)
taxilian 08:09 hasa: why not just use 1.7? it's stable
hasa 08:09 wow, I haven't noticed that 1.7 is already published
taxilian 08:09 I haven't "officially" released it yet
but that's just because I'm waiting for a few things that won't affect you
hasa 08:09 Should I take the "master"
sorry, I'm git newbie...
even it is 2012
taxilian 08:09 I think master and firebreath-1.7 are the same, but 1.7 is the "official" stable branch
hasa 08:09 thanks
it is named:
I'm confused if I really got the 1.7
taxilian 08:09 if you downloaded the 1.7 branch then you did
that's just the last tag; probably 141 commits ahead of it, I'm guessing
hasa 09:09 millions of thanks @taxilian, logging of 1.7 version works
TruthFairy 18:09 it's a good thing taxilian asked me not to curse in here, I'd be wailin on the whole deal with precompiled headers
taxilian 18:09 heh. whats the issue?
TruthFairy 19:09 don't want to make it a topic of discussion
but precompiled headers snag VS big time in versions that don't have a fixed vc pkg server
taxilian 19:09 really? I wasn't aware of that
which versions?
TruthFairy 19:09 which I suppose is VS2012 or later
if that
it's easily googleable
taxilian 19:09 vs2010 is what I use, and the build time was cut to about 20% of what it was without PCH
that's the reason we use them
TruthFairy 19:09 or whatever comes after 2010
taxilian 19:09 it wouldn't be hard to add a cmake flag to turn off PCH though if you wanted to
TruthFairy 19:09 yeah mistake, you should leave optimizations to end users
especially in target envs rather than core sources
*end developers
taxilian 19:09 lol. you would be the first I've talked to with that opinion
but that's the nice thing about cmake; I don't mind a bit if you want to add a cmake flag to disable PCH I'll be happy to accept a pull request
TruthFairy 19:09 you do know who I am?
taxilian 19:09 Juan, no?
TruthFairy 19:09 right
so you know I'm not a typical user of your pkg
taxilian 19:09 I do
TruthFairy 19:09 no I'm not messin with cmake
taxilian 19:09 up to you =] I'm just saying there is a solution if you want
TruthFairy 19:09 i've learned to work with your pkg, moving forward
turned out vs2005 worked with 64bit
taxilian 19:09 cool. I never tried
TruthFairy 19:09 VS2010 Express probably does but need to get a solid baseline of this product before futzing with same
there may also be snags with windows resources from win32 era in VS2010x
but prolly just can't edit them in the IDE
TruthFairy 20:09 in VS2010x, the AX resources are constantly getting clobbered, suspect it's yet another pch thing
taxilian 20:09 ? huh. never had that issue
TruthFairy 20:09 IDS_PROJNAME in particular
taxilian 20:09 are you talking about a firebreath generated rc file?
TruthFairy 20:09 yes
taxilian 20:09 or just in general?
you can't change that file directly; it's generated from a template in gen_templates/
TruthFairy 20:09 i'm not changing it
taxilian 20:09 if you want to change it you need to copy the file into your project, then cmake will grab that copy insetad
I guess I don't understand your issue, then
TruthFairy 20:09 think it may be vs2010x, it doesn't do resources
taxilian 20:09 x == express?
TruthFairy 20:09 y