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JuanDaugherty 01:09 ping reichi
FireBreathBot 01:09 JuanDaugherty: 10 Sep 21:50Z <taxilian> tell JuanDaugherty you misunderstood my request; I was not asking you not to ask questions or talk in the channel. I don't even mind if you want to complain about my code =] my PM was intended to just ask you not to swear in the channel
Fitnect 03:09 Hi
Dyblast 06:09 hi
dougma 06:09 Hi
taxilian 09:09 g'morning all
reichi 09:09 hi taxilian
jshanab 10:09 Is there anything I can do to respond to my browser tab regaining focus or forground?
taxilian 10:09 not that I'm aware of, at least nothing cross-platform
in windows there might be an event that comes from the HWND
you could maybe hack something together using javascript and mousemove events...
jshanab 10:09 ok, thanks
Anil 11:09 Hi ... can we use firebreath for directfb based platforms ?
taxilian 12:09 not natively, but you could probably add support for it
Anil 12:09 can you give some details, how to add support for QtWebkit-DFB browser ?
taxilian 12:09 I don't know what the differences are
you'd need to figure those out first
most likely it's the drawing model
Anil 12:09 I have a QtWebkit browser backend is Directfb. It is supporting NPAPI plugin support. Can i use firebreath to generate NPAPI plugins ?
taxilian 12:09 yes, FireBreath creates NPAPI plugins
rather, FireBreath plugins are NPAPI plugins (as well as ActiveX controls on windows platforms)
Anil 12:09 i think firebreath generates NPAPI for X11 on Linux rt not for DirectFB basesed one rt
taxilian 12:09 yes, we do currently target X11 stuff. that's just an abstraction, which leads back to my pointer earlier -- we don't currently have support for directfb drawing models, but you could add it
Anil 12:09 ok can you give me some references i will try to add. Like files need to look for modifications etc ...
taxilian 12:09 NpapiPlugin
anything with X11 in it
Anil 12:09 ok
taxilian 12:09
you need to understand the basics of how FireBreath's npapi code works