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jshanab_OSX 07:01 Good morning all.
I am trying to port my working windows plugin over to linux. In Windows and Mac, I get called in my overlaoded onMouseMove when I move the mouse over the plugin. On linux, I do not. What did I miss?
oh, "...Linux events should be easy to add if we find someone...." :-)
jshanab_OSX 07:01 Looks like code is there, just short-circuited?
kylehuff 10:01 anyone else experiencing issues with on google chrome?
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I got the dragon a few times this morning, "Page taking to long to respond" but i was on FF and reloading did not work but going back then reselecting did.
kylehuff 10:01 recently, every other navigation request results in a request to download the page. (response content mimetype is application/x-gzip)
this used to happen maybe, 1 time a week. the last few days it has been every other request.
it only happens on github and bitbucket, that I've seen.
jshanab_OSX 10:01 Sounds like the x-gzip mime type is not being recognized so it triigers the backup, download. Weather that is becasue they started zipping things over a certain size and this is the first you are seeing it or weather the x-gzip mime type assoiation got mangled, is anyones guess?
jshanab_OSX 10:01 Anyone building on linux, I am suddenly getting a build error I cannot solve.
nevermind, random pieces of code from gdk doxygen ended up in my source file after a rash of gdb. (twiligh zone music)
jshanab_OSX 11:01 I have in the past pulled from master. With the beginnings of firebreath 2.0, should I now pull from 1.7 branch?
jshanab_OSX 12:01 Does anyone know if Linux mouse events is broken? It looks like the wiki has not been updated and it actually worked at one point. In the same code in PluginWindowX11 that succesfully recieves entry and leave events, I never get the motion events.
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Good Morning taxillian.
taxilian 13:01 good morning
jshanab_OSX 13:01 I am having a tought time with mouse events in linux. One part of the wiki says they are not done yet, but I found commits that dispell that and I have been looing at the code and everything looks like it is by the book. I Recieve Enter and Leave, just no MOTION events.
taxilian 13:01 no idea
and I don't work sundays; just happen to be online
ask me tomorrow and I'll see if I can track anything down for you
jshanab_OSX 13:01 I cannot see a darn thing wrong and the only diference between test apps and FB is the container and canvas setup
taxilian 13:01 sorry :-/
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Oh, ok. NP. I realy only play with linux on the weekends ROTFL
taxilian 13:01 hehe
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Juat one Question though, If you don't mind. Should I pull form 1.7 branch or master to be up to date, now that threre is a concept of 2.0 ;-)
taxilian 13:01 2.0 is on a different branch
and isn't ready to use
master and 1.7 are currently the same
when they diverge, 1.7 will remain "stable"
jshanab_OSX 13:01 ok, whew. I pulled from master and thought I may of surprised myself
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Since GTK+ is cross-platform, what are the reasons NOT to use it as an adapter to cross platform drawing in plugins?
reichi_ 14:01 Nr. 1 should be: a lot of people don't want to use gtk on windows or mac
by offering the possibilty to use sytem native painting
you're bascially free to use whatever lib you want
do it natively
or use, qt, gtk or whatsoever
jshanab_OSX 14:01 Got-ya. It turns out the linux implmentation is already tied to gtk. That is what threw me off. I was passing the native X11 handle into a lib and was cutting off my plugin event handling. Not sure how to work around that, I just don't know enough about X11. yet,,,
nohimn 19:01 hello!
I have a question.
The HTML5 ImageData object specifies that it has a height, width, and data property
the data property is of type Uint8clampedarray
I want to generate ImageData objects from a plugin to be placed in canvas
any thoughts on creating a uint8clampedarray object from firebreath?