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jshanab 12:09 On mac in firefox. The plugin does not show in about:plugins. Does that mean it cannot find a needed dll? (oh sorry .so)
JuanDaugherty 12:09 the answer was no
JuanDaugherty 14:09 the documentation states "All you need to do in order for FireBreath to build a basic MSI installer is to install WiX and then run the prep script!"
in bold
this appears to be essentially false, you actually have to work Wix yourself
albeit there is stuff in the FB tree for "getting started" in a FB way on same
jshanab 14:09 What is the trick to debugging with xcode on Lion 10.7.4. I cannot attach to FireFox, it just crashes. I can attach to Safari, but all break points are ignored and it too crashes without a stack trace. I then tried to get logging working and that is also a no go.
JuanDaugherty 14:09 wow
if in fact a msi was supposed to be built may be fbgen or the prep script didn't detect wix in my configuration
(wow was cuz jshanab got away b4 I could comment)
JuanDaugherty 14:09 the one weird trick? Maybe ask in the right channel. Your query didn't seem to be directly related to firebreath, so help on that here seems unlikely.
I guess if it was gonna use candle/light and didn't find them it would have complained.
jshanab 14:09 I can debug an app that has a main and is started in xcode. This is specific to plugins
JuanDaugherty 14:09 I'm not familiar with debugging in Xcode but the general solution is either 1) the debugger makes attaching to the running process possible or 2) you set a breakpoint
setting it as a function call if necessary
jshanab 14:09 Right and I have done that every day for the last two years on windows. I am however a bit new to xcode
JuanDaugherty 14:09 it's not just windows
jshanab 14:09 Attaching to FF crashes immediatly, attaching to Safari doesn't crash, but also doesn't show any logs or allow a breakpoint to be seen.
JuanDaugherty 15:09 looks like the msi does get generated if wix is found, just rebuilding the install project generated one
kylehuff 15:09 jshanab: are you starting FF from xcode, or attaching to an already running process?
jshanab 15:09 Attaching to an already running process
JuanDaugherty 15:09 which was build for debugging
jshanab 15:09 yes
kylehuff 15:09 ah, okay. I had issues when I tried to launch firefox from within xcode.
JuanDaugherty 15:09 I've heard what may be trash talk to the effect that xcode was a crummy debugger, ide overall
haven't used enough to say for myself
using the command like tools should be a decent fallback
i.e. gdb
so cmake is only involved at fbgen/prep command and never later?
jshanab 15:09 just prep. But some IDE's will see the CMakeList files and try to use them. like update thier header paths and includes and rebuild subsections. VS is very bad at it, Eclipse is better. I do not know about xcode
JuanDaugherty 15:09 I'm just using VS in this project.
*command line
kylehuff 15:09 I don't use Xcode at all on OSX. I just use cmake and it seems to work good for me.
but then again, I'm using a virtual machine of OSX on an old laptop, so I can't afford the ram to load xcode anyway...
JuanDaugherty 16:09 so that's (at least) a second a negatory on the xcode IDE
yeah you shouldn't judge it in an env like that
kylehuff 16:09 thanks for stating the obvious mate =c )
JuanDaugherty 16:09 oh are you from down under?
kylehuff 16:09 no, but I dated someone from down there; it kind of wore off on me.
JuanDaugherty 16:09 i c
there are other reasons to deprecate xcode/objective c as well so I may be at a point where I'll only do stuff on Apple platforms where apple isn't forcing their shit
JuanDaugherty 16:09 i.e. platform independent, like fb
JuanDaugherty 16:09 sorry shanab, didn't realize you were a project regular
jshanab 16:09 I just 1 month each on objectiveC and Xcode for iOS and then the exact same app on Android using eclipse and java and NDK. For the mobile xcode is freaking awsome and has droid beat by an order of magnatude. Kinda like how c++ had become VS's bastard child for a while. Each tool has it's strengths and weaknesses and focus. Any tool that was good at all would be slow to use or not fit in memory :-/
JuanDaugherty 17:09 well I don't like creep lock-in so since computing if fairly broad at this point I can make a decision not to cover something like iPad/iPhone except at a native level
creep = Apple Corp or anybody else with a similar game
Apple MS Google, not a lot of diff to me, gamewise
like the diff between the Tsar, the Kaiser, and the Huang Di
jshanab 17:09 Knowing a bit of the history of where something like objective-C came and the investment that is in it, helps a bit in understanding why they choose what they do. Sometimes it looks like more than it is. I like ObjectiveC better than Java as the high level language because it is still compatable with and can work directly with the same memory as the c/c++ in the same code. C# and Java went...
...down a differnt route to obtain their memory and high level objective and interfacing to anything else is inefficieant and, well arduous
What really matters is how well the lanuguage, system, and tools work together. It is really frustrating to fall back to printf debugging becasue debugging on android is also broken in eclipse :-((
JuanDaugherty 18:09 did you end up using gdb?
what matters to me is whether I get paid and how much
unless, god forbid, I should be working outside of a wage labor context
<= does not believe in god. Not even a little bit. expresses my lang preferences in free, non-wage labor situations
for the other I think it's absurd to have any preferences
part of the emotional labor that comes with the nightmarish IT labor scene
that's been my position for a long time