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JuanDaugherty 07:09 does prep2010x64 actually work?
JuanDaugherty 07:09 (i.e. with VS2010X)
taxilian 10:09 JuanDaugherty: yes, if you need to build a 64 bit version of your plugin
if you're not sure, you probably don't
JuanDaugherty 10:09 i'm sure
but I get an error running the shell
which I'll paste in a few if it's not resolved
this is only nightly FF and IE 9 on windows
looks like they want you to build chrome64 yourself
i.e. those are the targets, so just looking for a confirmation that the plugintest procedure with manual registration at least should work for one of them
(tbc: that kills chrome64 for me ATM)
i need to recheck that I have what's required by FB for 64, had setup before I knew of FB
JuanDaugherty 12:09 which is what I really like about this time. You can just use the source luke.
taxilian 13:09 I have heard reports of firebreath plugins built as 64 bit working just fine on chrome, firefox, and ie
as long as you're using the 64 bit versions of the browser, of course
JuanDaugherty 13:09 was about to reboot this host to check its hardware (unrelated). Lemme run prep2010x64
JuanDaugherty 13:09 yeah, I gotta presume the people successully building were doing so with full VS2010. The complaint appears to be that VS2010 Win64 not found.
but you definitely can build 64bit in VS2010X
RenJuan 13:09 the actual error os MSB8007 and unrecognized platform spec, I may have adjusted anothe VS and not 2010X
James256 16:09 Hey @taxilian, can you take a look at this please :
I'm struggling to figure out how to include some Objective C libraries in my Firebreath project and could use some help if you have time.
taxilian 16:09 give me a few minutes
in the middle of something that might turn into an emergency