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matutetandil 10:09 Hello there
can someone help me with an issue in mac??
taxilian 10:09 matutetandil: not if you don't tell us what it is
matutetandil 10:09 I can't generate the projects... I got this error:
CMake Error at cmake/common.cmake:122 (add_subdirectory):
The binary directory
is already used to build a source directory. It cannot be used to build
source directory
Specify a unique binary directory name.
I was pasting the error... :P
taxilian 10:09 this is when trying to generate your own project?
or the examples?
matutetandil 10:09 my own project... But in windows works fine
taxilian 10:09 .pb
FireBreathBot 10:09 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
taxilian 10:09 pastebin your CMakeLists.txt and mac/projectDef.cmake
matutetandil 10:09 give me a minute
CMakeList.txt: projectDef.cmake
I have two projects... this is from one
taxilian 10:09 what version of cmake are you using?
matutetandil 10:09 in mac the last one (i think, I just download it)
from the site
taxilian 10:09 what happens when you prep the examples?
./ examples
matutetandil 10:09 let me check
works... :S:S:S
taxilian 10:09 do an rm -Rf /Users/admin/firebreath-builds/ and then try again
matutetandil 10:09 same error... :S
taxilian 10:09 hmm. what is your prep script command?
matutetandil 10:09 sh firebreath-framework/ firebreath-projects firebreath-builds
taxilian 10:09 hmm. try without the sh
matutetandil 10:09 (I'm using trunk version)
taxilian 10:09 don't really expect it to change anything, but worth trying
matutetandil 10:09 same error...
this is the full output
the extrange thing, is that in windows works fine
taxilian 10:09 hmm. so you have multiple projects in the projects dir
it's possible that's broken and just nobody has noticed
except that exampels works...
matutetandil 10:09 yaps...
it's very wired...
Iḿ working in plugins for mac and windows...
I did my stuff for windows and works, so now I push that changes to my git, i did a pull in mac, I'm trying to compile there
so, i
so I'm sure that in windows works
at least project generation, with multiple projects...
perhaps mac fails for some reason... :s:s:S
I think that maybe, in the examples you don't use libjson in two projects
taxilian 10:09 well how are you adding jsoncpp?
that is a point
okay, just suing add_firebreath_library
bleh. using. I can't type today
so the simple short-term fix is to just build them seperately
insetad of giving it the projects dir on the command line for prep, give it the dir for the project itself
matutetandil 10:09 as sais in the site... add_firebreath_library(jsoncpp) in PluginConfig.cmake
taxilian 10:09 also see if you can repro with examples by adding that to basicmediaplayer
if you can, add a jira ticket and I'll look at it
matutetandil 10:09 ok... I will...
thanks a lot!
taxilian 10:09 yw. good luck
matutetandil 10:09 mmm.... bad news for me... I couldn't reproduce it... I just add jsconcpp depedency to the two plugins and the projects where generated :s
taxilian 10:09 hmm