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beezboy 06:08 hello every body
How can I use FB::JSAPIPtr for call method from my plugin API?
mkoch 07:08 hi!
I have a problem with deploying my Mac plugin. It might not be related to FB but the lack of my Mac development experience, but still I'd appriciate if you could help.
after compiling and packaging the plugin on one system, I move it to an other, and install it
when Safari loads, I get the following error:
does any of you have any idea what's missing?
rc1140 07:08 has anyone gotten firebreath to build on fedora17
taxilian 08:08 mkoch: looks like you're missing a dylib
rc1140 there is no reason I know that it wouldn't build on fedora17
rc1140 08:08 it gives the boost disabled error
dont have the full error message on hand
mkoch 08:08 taxilian: hi! can I include it in the package somehow?
taxilian 08:08 rc1140: did you install git?
mkoch: I'm not sure what you're missing or why it isn't finding it
it looks like corefondation
do you have a /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib?
mkoch 08:08 yes
on both machines
taxilian 08:08 hmm. I really have no idea; google is your friend =]
I see other people having the same issue, just not seeing a solution. I don't have time to fully research it, though
mkoch 09:08 ok, I continue on google, but no luck yet, also no useful hint on #macdev... :/
taxilian 09:08 :/
rc1140 09:08 taxilian: yup git is the first thing installed since i needed it to grab source
taxilian 09:08 well, if you can give me the full error I might be able to help. I'm headed to the office in a minute
rc1140 09:08 will paste it later , it was on a temp ec2 vm
will have to re setup the vm
since its not super important
taxilian 14:08 grrr. WHY IS XCODE LOADING A HEADER THAT ISN'T IN THE SEARCH PATH??? this is really annoying me.
it's in the project, but not in the search path
and it's loading it from some system include insetad of loading the system include
Elliott_D 17:08 Hello all, I'm having an issue with InvokeAsync in Internet Explorer. I can step through the code and watch InvokeAsync get fired but I get nothing. No errors, no callback. In Chrome and Firefox, it works perfectly. Is there anything I could be missing?
taxilian 18:08 Elliott_D: I have seen the same issue occasionally but haven't had time to track it down
I don't know what could be causing it
frankly I had forgotten the issue; could you add a jira ticket?
you're welcome to try to track it down as well if you want =]
Elliott_D 18:08 Sure thing. I've peen poking around in there. No luck yet!
taxilian 18:08 if you trace it through the cross-thread indirection you'll find that it's trying to call a javascript method in the page
you might want to try to see if you can verify that that method gets called
maybe add a console.log to that method for debugging
Elliott_D 18:08 What does it mean to trace through cross-thread indirection? I'm just stepping through in VS
taxilian 18:08 when it actually calls InvokeAsync it'll actually schedule the call to occur on the other thread
hence async
it actually might not be a different thread, of course
you need to trace on the other side in the callback
to see what happens when it actually makes the call to the page
Elliott_D 18:08 So, when it makes it back to the browser.
Start tracing there as well
taxilian 18:08 not quite
when you call invokeAsync it'll do a ScheduleOnMainThread
Elliott_D 18:08 Okay, saw that
taxilian 18:08 it picks up again in C++ before going to the browse
Elliott_D 18:08 Okay, thanks. I'll follow it through. I'll toss it up on Jira as well. The strangest thing is that other callbacks work. But this one doesn't. They all use the same C++ class to manage callbacks though.
taxilian 18:08 I'm pretty sure the callback part works, it's something when it actually tries to bridge the gap into the browser
Elliott_D 18:08 Ok. Thanks again.
taxilian 18:08 good luck