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mkoch 05:08 hi
taxilian 08:08 good morning
emicastro 08:08 morning
muesli 09:08 morning guys
on win32 i'm seeing an assert being triggered every second time i reload a page using my plugin: "NpapiPluginModule_NPP.cpp: 228"
if i click retry it works fine
i'm curious if that'll cause any issues in release mode
taxilian 09:08 muesli: it will not crash in release mode, but it indicates a memory leak
it means you have a shared_ptr that isn't being released
muesli 09:08 taxilian: thanks!
taxilian: oh, and thanks for this great piece of software :-) last friday it was down to me shooting myself with a gun or trying firebreath. glad i did the latter ;-)
markus_ 10:08 hi!
taxilian 10:08 hi
markus_ 10:08 got the 1.6 version and tried the tutorial with xcode 4.4.1 from the app-store
so far so good but: example prep hangs at heck dependencies error: There is no SDK with the name or path '/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.7.sdk'
taxilian 10:08 what version of cmake do you have ?
markus_ 10:08 it's there but in a different directory
taxilian 10:08 hmm. I've seen that issue, but I'm not 100% sure how to fix it; one way is to just give it the full path to the dir. it's a cmake issue with the latest xcode
apple keeps making things difficult for us all
markus_ 10:08 :-D
taxilian 10:08 take a look at the prep scripts page on the wiki; tells you how to specify an SDK to use. Then provide the full path to the SDK
markus_ 10:08 where should i edit these path?
taxilian 10:08 it'll be a command-line argument to the prep script
markus_ 10:08 ok thx
it resides in /Application/
taxilian 10:08 yeah
markus_ 10:08 thx for help
D CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT="/Applications/" works as designed thx
taxilian 10:08 awesome.
good luck
fishfish 20:08 anyone here?
FireBreathBot 20:08 fishfish: 25 Aug 20:29Z <taxilian> tell fishfish you can subclass your plugin class inside a .mm file if you want and use that for your plugin. Return an instance of that class from your Factory.cpp; pretty much any of your .cpp files can be renamed to .mm. you can call obj c stuff from inside a .mm, and you can have c++ functions that you call from outside that are inside the .mm. again, go look at the examples in the firebreath tree
taxilian 20:08 yes
fishfish 20:08 got the msg, digging into the mediaplayer code to see how to do the mm code...
taxilian 20:08 okay, but that's not the only place I'm talking about
fishfish 20:08 there is another example?
taxilian 20:08 that is a good example, but there are several .mm files in the firebreath codebase
there is a wonderful tool that comes with mac os; run find . -iname '*.mm' and they will all be revealed to you!
fishfish 20:08 :)
i think once i am done with this, i'll make a really simple example , if u want you could share it, its not as obvious as it seems to be for someone using FB for the first time
taxilian 20:08 see, that's the part where you're looking at this entirely the wrong way
your current problem has *nothing* to do with FireBreath; it's just a question of how to interface C++ and objective C++
fishfish 20:08 true true
taxilian 20:08 I'm not saying that I object to you posting some examples — please do
fishfish 20:08 im used to using obj c code
taxilian 20:08 just saying that it isn't a firebreath problem at all
fishfish 20:08 i;m not saying its FB problem
taxilian 20:08 combining the two requires a bit deeper understanding of what is going on; but when it comes down to it, it's really not that complicated, just a bit different =] examples would be fantastic
fishfish 20:08 it is lack of knowledge on my part, a simple example would allow to dive in and not hit the curve
taxilian 20:08 I understand. there are examples in the codebase, though; the window related ones are particularly good
fishfish 20:08 btw anyone tried it on windows 8?
it works the same?
taxilian 20:08 doesn't work in the default "metro" style browser, but in the desktop browser it should
fishfish 20:08 i'm now installing parallel windows 8
taxilian 20:08 let me know how it goes
when you try it
fishfish 20:08 sure.
taxilian 20:08 I'm pretty sure some have tried it, but haven't gotten any direct reports
fishfish 21:08 omg - i hate windows 8 new user interface