IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-08-26

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danhigham 01:08 Hey all, trying to build my project in XCode and the only target I have is "My Mac 64-bit" which isn't supported by the projects scheme, any ideas?
muesli 04:08 hey guys, i have an osx plugin which is detected fine by safari, but chrome just doesn't seem to load / accept it
what gives?
(firefox loads it fine, too)
taxilian 09:08 FireBreathBoth: tell muesli most likely you're only building it 64 bit; Chrome is 32 bit by default
muesli 10:08 taxilian_away: thanks!
alei 13:08 can I use mfc or qt for the ui?
taxilian 22:08 FireBreathBot: tell alei MFC most likely not; QT? no idea. maybe. good luck, let us know if you get it working =]
FireBreathBot 22:08 taxilian: I'll pass that on when alei is around.