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fishfish 12:08 need help with compiling cocoa code with FB
FireBreathBot 12:08 fishfish: 24 Aug 03:24Z <taxilian> tell fishfish you can't call obj c from a .cpp file, but you *can* call c++ from a .mm file and expose c++ functions from that file
fishfish 12:08 oh
i did follow the instructions for library
now i can just add mm code to the Mac folder?
and the fact that i cant call form a cpp file to the mm code, means that i cant trigger action if the FB plugin is called for a function to read value
i am trying to use the FB to create a shared ID across the different browsers
now that actually means that i need to use Cocoa dictionary and read the data use .mm code
any suggestions?
icefire_ 13:08 hello anyone here?
i need to ask a somewhat specific question
taxilian 14:08 FireBreathBot: tell fishfish you can subclass your plugin class inside a .mm file if you want and use that for your plugin. Return an instance of that class from your Factory.cpp; pretty much any of your .cpp files can be renamed to .mm. you can call obj c stuff from inside a .mm, and you can have c++ functions that you call from outside that are inside the .mm. again, go look at the examples in the firebreath tree