IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-08-24

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muesli 06:08 hey guys
taxilian 07:08 god morning
emicastro 07:08 morning
how're you doing?
everything ok for me
taxilian 07:08 oh, not too bad
emicastro 07:08 a little cold
taxilian 07:08 definitely not cold here =]
emicastro 07:08 haha you're on summer
you're lucky!
taxilian 07:08 trying to rewrite a side project website in time for it to be used on the 15th of next month at a ham radio class
emicastro 07:08 oh... a little busy then
taxilian 07:08 oh, I'm always busy
that's nothing new
emicastro 07:08 lol
same here
taxilian 07:08
emicastro 07:08 but a little relax today... happy friday I think :P
taxilian 07:08 that's what I've been working on; I think it's turning out pretty well, though I'm still not completely happy with the nav
hehe. friday is nice, but i don't know that it will be relaxing for me =]
emicastro 07:08 are you amateur radio? (I dunno how is the right sentence in english) :) "radio aficionado" in spanish
taxilian 08:08 I am an amateur radio operator, yes
muesli 08:08 nice work, guys
just built my own first browser plugin :-)
taxilian 08:08 awesome
muesli 08:08 knowing the c++ abi incompatibility between mingw and msvc, i almost don't dare asking, but: has anyone tried building a firebreath browser plugin with mingw?
emicastro 08:08 why are u using mingw?
instead of build all on linux?
muesli 08:08 cross compiling on linux, mostly
integrates a lot better with the CI and everything
emicastro 08:08 oky... so which is the main problem?
muesli 08:08 it's usually a problem with the abi. e.g. you can't load / link to msvc-dlls from a mingw compiled app
the other way round it could work, iirc
domme: ^
taxilian 08:08 muesli: the problem isn't the incompatibility, it's the absense of ATL
firebreath requires aTL
domme 09:08 moo
muesli: well, c++ abis are bitches.. better use c-apis if you want to mix compilers