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JuanDaugherty 07:08 well other's may want to know.
JuanDaugherty 07:08 *others
taxilian 08:08 JuanDaugherty: you mean others may want to know in regards to negatestac's question as to whether or not anyone has used FireBreath?
'cause the number of people in this room, the "in the wild" pages, and all the mentions on various forums around doesn't give a clue on that one?
JuanDaugherty 08:08 dunno taxilian, just discovered fb a couple of days ago, haven't fully assessed
12 is not a high channel pop but is good for something this specialized
taxilian 08:08 !wiki in the wild
FireBreathBot 08:08 1 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"In the Wild":
taxilian 08:08 those are the ones that people have been willing to admit
reichi 08:08 and we know of amazon, right? ;)
taxilian 08:08 I wrote most of the system so I'm probably a bit biased
reichi 08:08 ah i see, amazon is in the list now
taxilian 08:08 vmware is using it as well, though they haven't chosen to add themselves to the list and I don't know exactly what they're using it for, just that they've submitted patches
reichi 08:08 hmm i could add us probably
JuanDaugherty 08:08 but yeah did see the list of big names and was suitably impressed
what is the deal with 64bit? On Windows specifially. Is there really a need to build 64 bit specifically to run on Windows 64 bit versions?
with a chrome, ff, and ie coverage
when I look at the browsers themselves on 64bit windows, there's no indication they are 64 bit
so the question is about need vs. cost/benefit.
taxilian 08:08 we don't support 64 bit in my company
it's not worth it
JuanDaugherty 08:08 hmm. Do you get reports of failure on 32 bit OSes?
*64 bit OSes
reichi 08:08 isn't the 64 Bit IE basically the only 64 bit browser out there?
at least it feels like that for me
JuanDaugherty 08:08 reichi, is that the one that installs by default on 64 bit windows?
reichi 08:08 no
you have to start it explicitly
JuanDaugherty 08:08 and are you meaning IE 8 or what
taxilian 08:08 IE8 and 9 are available in 64 bit but you have to choose it specifically
reichi 08:08 and usually you run into issues pretty quickly
with any kind of npapi plugins
which makes people go back as quick as they started using the 64 bit version
JuanDaugherty 08:08 you mean if you're using the 64 bit versions of the browsers, not just 64bit OS, right?
reichi 08:08 exactly
JuanDaugherty 08:08 should be a matter of just building the plugin 64 bit, no?
(for ops with the 64 bit browser)
reichi 08:08 hmm
i am on a 64 bit linux here
and never thought a minute about it ;)
my FB stuff just works
though i am not using cmake
JuanDaugherty 08:08 well you're running 32 though
reichi 08:08 but i guess that shouldn't matter
it's 6
/usr/lib/browser-plugins/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=0x0952e58009c8493496139152907d0adb225fcf18, not stripped
but production build is running on a 32 bit mipsel
i made some adujustments to the whole build of our Firebreath plugin
JuanDaugherty 08:08 and you're not using cmake at all?
reichi 08:08 no
integratinga cmake project into openembedded felt like way too much work
JuanDaugherty 08:08 well shouldn't make all that much diff. At some level make is make.
reichi 08:08 well
gcc is gcc
no matter who calls it ;)
JuanDaugherty 08:08 :)
though it will be msvc on DOS
reichi 08:08 and "whateverthexcodecompileriscalled" on osx
JuanDaugherty 08:08 and happy to use cmake, used it before
it's gcc
reichi 08:08 yeah
JuanDaugherty 08:08 though I think they have their own build adapted with llvm
reichi 08:08 i guess our use case of firebreath is just a little bit off the usual
as we're using it on a set-top-box
JuanDaugherty 08:08 yeah ITV is how I ... well was gonna say how I got into browser infrastructure, but actually there was an IE project about a bit over a decade ago
reichi 08:08 IE was not a Browser at that time :p
it just pretended to be
JuanDaugherty 08:08 I think I know what you mean
kylehuff 15:08 If I wanted to have my plugin refuse to load based on the value of m_host->getDOMWindow()->getLocation(), where would be the best place to prevent the plugin from loading? I would like it to appear as if the plugin doesn't exit at all, if possible, but I understand if that a chicken and egg deal.
taxilian 15:08 you can't make it appear as if it doesn't exist
the best you can do is disable the JSAPI interface
or crash, I suppose
crashing might not be the best option, however
kylehuff 15:08 yeah, I don't think I want to crash it, but disabling the JSAPI interface might be an acceptable solution
taxilian 15:08 there are a couple of ways to do that; the one I'd probably use is JSAPIProxy
you can return a JSAPIProxy and then not create the *real* JSAPI object until you decide that you trust the website
kylehuff 15:08 that sounds promising -- I am really just trying to prevent anything except the extension which provides it to access the methods
kylehuff 15:08 Do you have an example that uses FB::JSAPIProxy? I've looked through the examples in the source and on the wiki but didn't find an example of it's usage. I read the class docs, and I think I understand it less now =c )
taxilian 15:08 unfortunately no
just go look at the source
it's not real hard to understand
taxilian 16:08 anyone else having issues running plugins on firefox?
firefox/mac, specifically
kylehuff 16:08 I'm not, currently, but I am using commit 9a6dd8afa8d22bf2e24616051217db4694b783a8
Dyblast1 16:08 taxilian: no, no issue
taxilian 16:08 hmm
gotta figure out what I changed, I guess
on firefox my plugin suddenly isn't even detected
Dyblast1 16:08 ps: i'm on 1.6 branch HEAD
taxilian 16:08 well, I guess it's time to git bisect :/
Dyblast1 16:08 bisect time !