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thijs_ 08:08 hey everyone
dougma 08:08 hey
thijs_ 08:08 is the project still active?
i plan on making a plugin for cashdrawers
dougma 08:08 it is active.
thijs_ 08:08 alright, cus github said last update was a year ago
dougma 08:08 you're looking in the wrong place
thijs_ 08:08 ah wait i look in the wrong place xD
ty man
if i can i will contribute when i feel like it
good day, bye
dougma 09:08 taxilian_away: is there time to sort out FB-177 before 1.7 release? i fear it may be a bit borken currently... but i'll need some time to unravel that jira ticket
taxilian 09:08 dougma: yeah, that's probably a good idea
dougma 09:08 i'll try over the weekend
taxilian 09:08 cool. I've been swamped; I was here working 'til almost midnight last night
iAmJohn 09:08 hi, is it possible to create unit tests?
taxilian 09:08 in most languages, yes
iAmJohn 09:08 in firebreath, sorry
taxilian 09:08 FireBreath is just a C++ framework; you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to use the included unittest++ stuff take a look in the tests/ subdirectory for examples. All you need to do is create a new directory with a CMakeLists.txt file and add_subdirectory it from your project's CMakeLists.txt file
a basic understanding of cmake will probably be required
iAmJohn 09:08 is there an example of how to test a plugin?
taxilian 09:08 I don't have one
One option is to create javascript unit tests with jasmine or something that actually run in the browser
FBTestPlugin has some quasi-unit tests in it that run that way
iAmJohn 09:08 what is your opinion about testing your plugin using unit tests?
reichi 09:08 hmm, my personal "feeling" with unittests is that it always feels like i have to write the same amout of code i already wrote to create the tests :/
taxilian 09:08 well, unit tests in general are a good idea. Unfortunately the only part of FireBreath that has really been well unit tested is the ScriptingCore project
some things make a lot of sense to unit test, other things perhaps not so much
What I would do if I wanted to unit test my plugin well is I would put the functionality I wanted to test in a seperate project, static library (another subdir with a CMakeLists.txt that is statically linked) and then I'd create a unit test project that tested that library
then I'd make a functional test suite in jasmin that tests it in the browser
iAmJohn 09:08 it seems to be a good solution
thanks for your answers!
taxilian 09:08 you're welcome. feel free to submit a sample project or update FBTestPlugin to demonstrate how to do it when you figure it out =]
iAmJohn 09:08 sure! ;) I'm amazed with this framework and it would be very to give a little contribution!