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emicastro 06:08 Morning! too morning for me! :)
dougma 06:08 evening!
matutetandil 07:08 Hi Taxilian!!! Good morning...
I have some good news for me... but not so good to you...
I test the same example using another framework: "JUCE" and the message queue works perfectly... so, I'm thinking in two posibilities:
1) Firebreath is making some wired thing with memory spaces...
2) Firebreath boost libraries have a bug in some place, that breaks IPC
I'm going to test the same example, but without using firebreath's boost, and I'll tell you the results
jshanab_ 08:08 matutetandil. what OS are you on?
matutetandil 08:08 W7
jshanab_ 08:08 ok. Just wondering as when i moved to mac I discovered that I was not really using FB boost. In windows i was ok. It was an xcode think where it found the wrong headers.
matutetandil 08:08 I can't be using another boost headers, because, on purpose, I don't install it
but I'll take care on that anyway
matutetandil 08:08 taxilian: I try the example using non firebreath's boost libraries... and works perfectly... so the problem is in your boost port
do you wan't me toopen a issue about this??
*to open
taxilian 09:08 matutetandil: you used system boost and it works?
matutetandil 09:08 no, not system... I haven't got boost installed...
I repleace boost files in firebreath directory with the ones I download from boost site, resolve a redefinition of ~thread(void), and nothing else
taxilian 09:08 which files?
and what version?
because those files came from the boost website last week
however, firebreath-boost does not include all of the boost files
so it may be that we're missing something you need
matutetandil 09:08 perhaps...
your boost directory is about 33 Mb, and mine is 83 Mb
taxilian 09:08 what version of firebreath are you using?
matutetandil 09:08 master one
taxilian 09:08 so you copied all of the headers?
matutetandil 09:08 yaps
taxilian 09:08 try this:
revert boost, then copy parts of the boost tree selectively
if you can figure out which files are missing (or different, though that seems unlikely) then we can fix it in firebreath-boost
maybe start with just copying the ipc dir, for example
matutetandil 09:08 ok... I'll do it
taxilian 09:08 there is a tool called bcp that I used to copy the headers for just parts that I wanted; ipc is one that I selected, but it may have somehow messed up
matutetandil 09:08 ok... don't worry
taxilian 09:08 well, what it comes down to is that I can't troubleshoot it myself, and the easy workaround is to install boost yourself and use system boost, so it's not something that would get fixed by submitting a jira ticket
however, if you can help me figure out what is actually wrong then it should be easy to fix
matutetandil 09:08 of course I'll help you!
taxilian 09:08 awesome. let me know what you find.
in the mean time, I need to figure out how to convert RGBA32 to YUV :-/
(which is why we have google, but still annoying)
matutetandil 09:08 :S
matutetandil 11:08 taxilian, one question...
firebreath boost version is 1.50.0??
because is very different from mine (I have 1.50.0)
taxilian 11:08 then maybe you never updated your submodules
go to the firebreath root and do git submodule update --init --recursive
matutetandil 11:08 HEYYY!!!! good news for you...
in master works perfect!!!!!!!
nothing to change!!!
the problem in 1.6 has been solved with this update! :):):)
yerterday I didn't update submodules
so I was compiling with boost 1.4, instead of 1.5!!
as I promise you, I'll make a howto to use IPC with firebreath...
taxilian 11:08 lol
taxilian 15:08 has anyone had a problem with opengl working on firefox/windows?
jshanab_ 16:08 taxilian. i was using SFML which used opengl fine but have switched to SDL using directX for speed (I haven't written my shader yet). Whn I tell SDL to use opengel it fails awfully. I recently tried GLFW with my own modification to allow a parent window and it worked very well.
taxilian 16:08 a friend of mine is trying to use opengl on windows and it works on all browsers except ff
jshanab_ 16:08 I have a Mac FB question. I got to the point where it tries to build what is in /Mac, np_macmain.cpp. I get errors about the "Second Parameter of Main must be an int" I do not know where (or when) this file came from, it says it is auto generated, so it may be completely old.
I do not know if I can help with the opengl. I am a bit of a noob in that I am only interested in video. (ATM)
FireBreathBot 16:08 Commit 412e812 on master by Richard Bateman: "Add static method BrowserPlugin::getFSPath()"
Commit 412e812 on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "Add static method BrowserPlugin::getFSPath()"
taxilian 16:08 remove np_macmain.cpp from your project
it will be magically fixed
actaully you don't need dllmain.cpp or np_winmain.cpp either, unless you've changed them
jshanab_ 16:08 thanks
What is the new commit about? Didn't we have a way of getting the file system path?
taxilian 16:08 we did, but only from wtihin the plugin class
this allows you to do it from anywhere just accessing a static class
I figured it makes sense, since it never changes
and I needed it =]
jshanab_ 16:08 Awsome. Makes perfect sense
taxilian 16:08 there are advantages to being the benevolent dictator of a project like this… when I need something, I just add it =]
jshanab_ 17:08 All hail taxillian
taxilian 17:08 hehe
johannes 17:08 taxilian: till we fork away and are more successfull :-p
that's the power of open source!
taxilian 17:08 hehe
be my guest… I Wouldn't have to maintain it anymore!
johannes 17:08 na, too much buraucratic stuff with my employeer then, i can sneak in a patch here and there maybe, but everything else easily becomes complicated
taxilian 17:08 =]
johannes 17:08 stupid corporate world :-p
FireBreathBot 20:08 Commit 7ba6059 on master by Richard Bateman: "Add PLUGINSRC variable for wix"
Commit 7ba6059 on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "Add PLUGINSRC variable for wix"
Valo 20:08 hello
I'm a newbie
taxilian 20:08 hello
Valo 20:08 Let say my plugin name is myPlugin
taxilian 20:08 we can do that
Valo 20:08 how to call the function in myPluginAPI from myPlugin?
taxilian 20:08 two options
one is to use getRootJSAPI() which will get the instance as a JSAPIPtr
or if you need it to be a myPluginAPIPtr then you can either use FB::ptr_cast<myPluginAPIPtr>(getRootJSAPI()) or you can save your JSAPI instance in createJSAPI where it is created to a local class variable that you can reuse and then just use that
Valo 20:08 is there any simple examble on the site?
taxilian 20:08 might be something doing that in FBTestPlugin, I suppose
more often than not we end up going the other way around, so there might not be
it's really not that hard
Valo 20:08 will go for the 1st option first
taxilian 20:08 good luck