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chrisK_ 05:01 hello, I'm pretty new to FireBreath
I was reading the Colonel Panic blog, and I want to write some Windows-specific code for my FireBreath plugin
so i have myplugin.cpp and mypluginAPI.cpp (and header files) as generated by
Following this:
I wanted to use this step:
"Create a platform specific subclass of your plugin object This is actually fairly easy. Simply create an object (Such as MyPluginWin) in the Win/ directory that extends your main (MyPlugin) object and move Factory.cpp into your Win/ directory. If you support other platforms, you’ll need to create a subclass and factory for each platform you want to support. Then modify each Factory.cpp so that createPlugin returns the platfo
It's no. 2 in the list of suggestions
I was wondering which files exactly I'd need to create
do I need a mypluginWin.cpp and a mypluginWinAPI.cpp?
and should the factory.cpp class only be within the Win/ directory and not in the main project directory?
Sorry for all the questions, it's just been a while since I've done C++ so it'd help if someone knew more about this
johannes 08:01 chrisK_: I haven'T touched my plugin work recently so I'm a bit behind on developments .. but basically: You need to subclass those where you need platform specific code. If it's all just generic portobale stuff no need to do something
The API probably should be the same on all platforms, though ...
chrisK_ 08:01 Thanks johannes, that actually makes sense but I hadn't realised
taxilian 09:01 interesting; free small VPS that can be upgraded with referrals:
chrisK_ 10:01 Has anyone else found that Visual C++ 2010 Express isn't working for auto-complete/intellisense?
taxilian 10:01 what version of firebreath are you using?
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I kinda gave up on intellisense in VS2010, I use Visual Assistant to make things reasonable.
taxilian 10:01 me as well
but firebreath 1.6 had PCH enabled by default which made things build faster but aparently broke intellisense
so 1.7 *might* fix it
hveer 11:01 hi
taxilian 11:01 hello
hveer 11:01 i am looking forward to implement a firefox plugin
I have implemented the same for IE9
the plugin was actually a mime filter...
The reason i implemented the mime filter was to add certain scripts into the DOM, before loading
Now to the question Is there a easier way to implement it in Firefox and how can i use firebreath
taxilian 11:01 you can't add scripts to the DOM before page load with a plugin
hveer 11:01 Will it be possible to use nsiprotocolhandler, nsiDOMParser in an extension
i was thinking to make a dll and install it on windows
taxilian 11:01 I have no idea
it might be
I don't know anything about extensions
firebreath is a plugin framework
Alyoshak 16:01 Howdy. Trying to get my plugin symlinked or copied to the Internet Plug-Ins dir so Firefox will recognize it. Symlink command (from help files here) didn't work. I looked in Internet Plug-Ins itself and saw plugin files there, so I decided to just copy it. But cp command said it was not a file. Ah, a directory. But adding -r generated a too many symlinks error. Arrrgh..
Should I just be able to do the following and that's it? It's all the docs say, so probably so. "ln -s buildex/projects/FBTestPlugin/Debug/MyPlugin.plugin ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/"
taxilian 16:01 symlink is the easiest way
but your symlink call is backwords
Alyoshak 16:01 Oooop! Figured it out. Thought I'd slink away shamelessly, but should at least give thanks for the intellectually stimulating aura that apparently helped me figure out what my problem is.
taxilian 16:01 hmm
Alyoshak 16:01 Backwards?
taxilian 16:01 no, I was wrong
not sure why that didn't work
I usually chdir ~/Library/Internet\ Plugins/ first, though
then just ln -s /path/to/pluginfile.plugin
Alyoshak 16:01 I got rid of the tilde (~) and then tacked on the last forward slash and it worked.
Yeah, it looked so simple, but apparently I just couldn't pull it off.
taxilian 16:01 Hmm. that probably means you put it in /Library/Internet Plugins instead of ~/Library
which may not be what you want
but it depends
Alyoshak 16:01 I don't think the ~ helped, but perhaps that last backslash? I have to put dir names with spaces in them in quotes, and I let that make me miss that after the "Internet Plug-Ins" I had to add a "/"
That had to be it, right?
Anyway, all's well. Thanks.
taxilian 16:01 do you know what ~ means?
you would need the trailing /, yes
Alyoshak 16:01 It means go all the way back to the root, right? (I'm not much of a cmd line guy)
taxilian 16:01 no
~ means "home directory"
so ~/Library means (for me) /Users/richard/Library
whereas /Library would be just /Library
Alyoshak 16:01 Ahhh. Ok. Excellent.
taxilian 16:01 so it's kinda important in this case =] you're putting it in all users instead of your user dir
be aware
Alyoshak 16:01 That's fine. Thx for explaining, and for the top-notch product.