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jshanab 05:08 Does firebreath provide an abstraction for changing the cursor?
reichi 06:08 i am pretty certain it doesn't
that's totally not what firebreath aims for ;)
jshanab 06:08 I can't find it. Probably would be a good feature to add.
I disagree
Maybe just not what your plugin's aim for ;-) If you want to display video or create a game in the browser or even a stock trader or cad viewer, you may need to change the cursor. There is even a npapi for changing it. It really is part of the set of handling the window and it's events.
reichi 06:08 firebreath doesn't do the graphics
it just provides the interface to add them
I should've read the full sentence ;)
well, if there is a standard npapi
firebreath may even hav it :)
jshanab 07:08 Well, there is an npapi one. they of course needed it for webkit. Now weather IE, Chrome etc followed the lead...
Most windowed pluging are handed a handle to a window. that is by definition graphics. looking at the Mediaplayer example you will see that FB does a lot to help abstract the event and drawing model.
I was just looking into it and Mac does mouse cursors quite differently than Windows, so it may not be an easy task.
taxilian 10:08 good morning