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emicastro 11:08 hi taxilian
I have a doubt with the logging mechanism
taxilian 11:08 you mean a problem?
emicastro 11:08 I have follow the step from . Then, I have added a .cpp into my source files direcotry, and added the macro FBLOG_INFO in my .cpp file. The file .log is created by the log line not...
taxilian 11:08 try FBLOG_WARN
emicastro 11:08 ok, sorry I did not say that my log level is trace
ok I'll try with WARN
taxilian 11:08 if your log level is trace it shouldn't matter
but it's worth trying
are any log messages appearing?
emicastro 11:08 ok ok I'm trying now
did you now if is possible to create/write a file into C:\ProgramData from the plugin? I'm not talking about the logging file... I mean other file like an .xml
I'm on win7/win8
taxilian 12:08 I really dont' understand how C:\ProgramData works, so I'm not sure
emicastro 12:08 FBLOG_WARN didn't work
taxilian 12:08 in IE probably not
are any log messages appearing?
emicastro 12:08 yeah, the problem is with IE}
only one line
08-10-12 15:01:49,386 [10576] INFO FireBreath <> - ..\..\..\..\..\Builds\libs\agr_thirdparties\include\firebreath\src\PluginCore\PluginCore.cpp:40 - FB::PluginCore::setPlatform - os: 03DF5F14; browser: IE
taxilian 12:08 is the plugin instantiating?
emicastro 12:08 yes
taxilian 12:08 and what is the FBLOG line you're using?
emicastro 12:08 FBLOG_WARN("Program varPath: ",std::string(varPath.begin(), varPath.end()));
taxilian 12:08 first of all, the first param is probably useless unless you make a custom logger, just pass an empty string or NULL
second, try a simpler log statement: FBLOG_WARN("", "Testing the logging thingy");
emicastro 12:08 ok
jshanab 12:08 I am seeing a new issue that occurs when I try to run our plugin on a fully updated XP box. It is hanging and crashing only in IE, working fine in FF. Works fine in win7, but it of course has ie9. I ask because it seems to be down in the Framework at the beginning. My Firebreath is recently updated, but the project has migrated from 1.4 and onward.
emicastro 12:08 ok, with the simple line is working... :)
now I'll try with FBLOG_WARN("", std::string(varPath.begin(), varPath.end()))
taxilian 12:08 what is varPath?
I guess what asking: is there a reason that FBLOG_INFO("", "Program varPath: " << varPath); wouldn't work?
jshanab 12:08 oh, i think I remember this one....hang on..
emicastro 12:08 std::wstring
taxilian 12:08 so FBLOG_INFO("", "Program varPath: " << FB::wstring_to_utf8(varPath));
emicastro 12:08 ok! I think that this will work fine!! :D
thanks taxilian!
taxilian 12:08 yw
emicastro 12:08 And a tip... You cann't write into C:\ProgramData due to "Protected Mode" of IE
taxilian 12:08 oh, yeah; meant to mention that, then got distracted
other browsers likely can, though
emicastro 12:08 yes...
taxilian 12:08 protected mode can only access locallow
there is a function in SystemTools.h to help you get that path
emicastro 12:08 ok, I will search for that method and try with it
thanks again!
jshanab 12:08 taxillian. good afternoon. t was not what I thought it might be. So I am still having a problem in PluginCore::setParams. I am working remote and my office mate is debugging this and found it throws the afformentioned exception on the line: "tmp = m_host->getDOMWindow()" inside pluginCore.
taxilian 12:08 on what browser?
jshanab 12:08 Only on IE8 running on XP
Firefox works great
taxilian 12:08 interesting
the plugin is visible?
has width and height?
jshanab 12:08 I know IE has issues if the Dom changes, I will have him check for this.
taxilian 12:08 that could definitely cause an issue like this
also if your width=0 and height=0
display none
visibility: hidden
overflow: anything
jshanab 12:08 ok. will check
taxilian 12:08 or if the planets are aligned wrong
or the IE gods hate you
and occasionally if IE feels like you've been using Firefox or Chrome just a bit too much
jshanab 12:08 Funny you say that it did all start when I was trying it in both for comparison. ;-)
Maybe I need to sacrifice a Linux distro upon it's alter
taxilian 12:08 a penguin would be better
I've never built an MSI for installing device drivers before; it's surprisingly simple, yet surprisingly difficult to get right
emicastro 12:08 taxilian: did you know in wich folder/directorys I will be able to write (Always talking from IE)
taxilian 12:08 emicastro: AFAIK just in the LocalLow
emicastro 12:08 ok
emicastro 12:08 sorry taxilian, SystemHelper.h has the function that helps me to find the path for IE?
I've found it! :)
taxilian 12:08 =]
jshanab 17:08 My plugin can find Win\PluginWindowWin,h on windows, but I am trying to port to Mac and I get an error in Xcode that it cannot find Mac\PluginWindowMac.h but I see it in FireBreath Generated\{prefix}_Mac Did I miss something in my PluginConfig?
jshanab 18:08 Found it.
Elliott_D 18:08 Hello all, I'd like to change the name of my plugin. If I make the changes in PluginConfig and re-run the prep script, can I just find/replace the other instances in code? Is there anything I should watch out for?