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IRC Nick Time (GMT-7) Message
dries 07:08 is there someone who has experience with firebreath + linux + gtk?
taxilian 11:08 good morning
reichi 11:08 it's 7:30 pm here ;)
but good morning :)
taxilian 11:08 that's the beauty of the Internet and time zones
it can always be morning for one of us
reichi 11:08 yeah :)
even better
one can always have a nap ;)
taxilian 11:08 hehe
taxilian 15:08 if anyone is feeling artistic, it'd be cool to try to put an ad for firebreath on stackoverflow:
johannes 15:08 lot's of .net stuff ...
taxilian 15:08 yeah
johannes 15:08 uncommon for "open source" things ;-)
taxilian 15:08 hehe. I'm finding more an more that the communities for java and .net are so segregated from "the rest of us" that nobody actually realizes how many people are in each community
java and .net guys that I know thing that hardly anyone uses anything else
(and that includes the java guys think nobody uses .net and vise versa)
johannes 15:08 that's true - but often .Net people are more likely willing to pay money for "trivial" things.
Java is quite notable, all these apache things, eclipse, ...
even when not using Java one stumles over it
taxilian 15:08 hehe. true
johannes 15:08 but since Mono isn't really used much C# is a niche (while I like the language ... but I only boot a Win VM when "forced")
taxilian 15:08 right
johannes 15:08 and well, I'm anything but artistic :-)