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jshanab_ 18:08 Good evening. I am still trying to build my plugin on mac. I think I have narrowed it down somewhat. Using Xcode, the problem I seem to have is that very early in the cmake process "/opt/local/include" is being added to the FB_LIBS variable and that causes it to be in Xcode's HEADER_SEARCH_PATH. The problem is it finds curl in there before the firebreath curl and that is causing a build error.
jshanab_ 18:08 I found the culprit! The call to add_firebreath_library(openssl) is the one adding "/opt/local/include" Which causes anything like "#include <curl/curl.h>" to find the wrong headers
If apple has installed curl to /opt/local/include that is. Which was brought in by macports git-core :-) FYI
jshanab_ 19:08 Anyone know version of curl used in FB?
taxilian 22:08 heh. nope