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partha_ 04:08 Hello does firebereath support crossbowser
jshanab_ 05:08 is there more to that sentence or is crossbrowser a library or product? Firebreath is a framework for creating a plugin that is both activeX and NPAPI and can build in win/linux/mac thus allowing you to write a cross browser and cross platfrom browser plugin.
Guest64487 10:08 Can I used the objective c in the plugin?
FB plugin?
anyone there?
taxilian 10:08 Guest64487: yes, you can use objective c in your plugin
just name the files .mm instead of .cpp and you can use both objective c and c++; search the codebase for .mm files for examples
Guest64487 10:08 The files containg objective c code needs to be renamed to .mm?
even though it might have other platform specific code with #ifdef?
taxilian 10:08 .mm files will only be used on mac
and should be in the Mac/ subdirectory usually
Guest64487 10:08 ok
Thank you. I hope it's pretty straight forward to use objective c code in FB
taxilian 10:08 it is if you understand how c++ and objective c work, particularly in relationship to each other
Guest64487 10:08 ok.
taxilian 10:08 but what is striaghtforward to me may or may not be straightforward to you. look at the examples