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Mononofu 03:08 I have a weird problem - prepmake is complaining about missing gtk+-2.0, while it is installed on the system
taxilian 08:08 FireBreathBot: tell gordon_ln FYI if you make the width/height 0px some browsers will have issues; 1px by 1px is better
FireBreathBot 08:08 taxilian: I'll pass that on when gordon_ln is around.
Kim_ 12:08 hey?
taxilian 12:08 is that a question?
I have to say, it isn't a very specific one
Kim_ 12:08 hehe
yeah my question: Is it possebile to pass a variable to an external .exe and return a exit code like answer back to the addon`
taxilian 12:08 sure; you do it the same way you'd do it from any other C++ application or library
however keep in mind that you *must not* block the main thread
so you might want to do it from a secondary thread
Kim_ 12:08 yeah that sounds fine!
taxilian 12:08 anyone had any experience with using popen from a plugin on Mac?
prettyrobots 13:08 What is the null event timer about on Carbon in OS X on Chrome?
taxilian 14:08 prettyrobots: it's a Carbon theme
prettyrobots 14:08 Yes.
taxilian 14:08 Carbon sends NULL events; they are used for a not of things
prettyrobots 14:08
taxilian 14:08 you'd have to ask someone more familiar with Mac OS history to get a more specific answer than that
prettyrobots 14:08 Ah, so its really is a *Carbon* thing.
taxilian 14:08 yes; it isn't something NPAPI threw in, it actually comes from Carbon
prettyrobots 14:08 Non-preemtive multi-tasking, I'll bet.