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taxilian 10:08 good morning all. anyone try the new boost version?
kylehuff 10:08 'morning. I haven't, yet...
kylehuff 10:08 taxilian: can I ask you about a generic cmake problem I am having?
taxilian 10:08 certainly
I won't promise that I can help, though =]
kylehuff 10:08 lol -- understood
kylehuff 10:08 okay, so, I have my plugin statically linking in 2 libraries, and on linux and OSX it works fine. I have liba.a and libb.a and I reference the libs using add_library and set set_property. but in windows it fails to resolve the symbols defined by the libraries -- I've searched the net, but I haven't found anything that alludes to my problem
taxilian 10:08 add_library and set_property? what about target_link_library?
kylehuff 10:08 yes, sorry, using target_link_library as well.
the setup is the same for Win, Lin and OSX, but only on windows does it give me grief
taxilian 10:08 did you look in the visual studio project? Is the library showing up on the linker command line?
check there and make sure the paths are correct
kylehuff 10:08 ugh, I'm sorry, I misrepresented the issue. that was my original issue. I'm doing too much at once it seems... the present issue is that, within liba.a there is another static lib, w32-util.a, which it requires, but those are unable to resolve. I used an archiver and verified w32-util.a is present in liba.a, I even tried dumping the contents of w32-util.a into liba.a, to no avail.
taxilian 10:08 you'll have to link to w32-util.a as well
kylehuff 10:08 btw, the original issue was a path issue, so you are right... =c )
taxilian 10:08 well, when you're unspeakably brilliant like me that happens from time to time and all that ;-)
kylehuff 10:08 will I need to also use add_library and set_property to the w32-util.a file, or can it use what is archived inside of liba.a?
taxilian 11:08 well, first, on windows it would be a.lib, not liba.a =]
second, static libraries are not normally linked to each other, so you'd need to link all static dependencies to the main target with target_link_libraries
I am not certain how much of that cmake may do for you and under what circumstances
kylehuff 11:08 yes, sorry, I think the liba.a output instead of a.lib is a product of using mingw to create my static libraries. the a.lib file it produces is just a plaintext file for whatever reason.
taxilian 11:08 that's rather odd; TBH, I wasn't aware that you could safely use mingw output libs to link to a visual studio project
kylehuff 11:08 I have never had a problem when linking to a dynamic library that was created with mingw.
taxilian 11:08 huh
never tried it
kylehuff 11:08 all of my trouble may be related to that, or possibly the fact that I am so damn lost in windows, I might as well be blind at the theater with earplugs in...
taxilian 11:08 heh
schmoo 11:08 I just enabled windowless mode in my plugin and am seeing some weirdness with mouse positions and constant resize messages (this is on 1.6). Should I persevere or wait for 1.7?
taxilian 11:08 schmoo: I doubt 1.7 will fix that; doesn't sound like anything I've seen
honestly, though, I'd recommend updating to 1.7 immediately
it's ready for release AFAIK, I'm just waiting for a bit more feedback on testing
schmoo 11:08 I saw your comment today that you reckon its stable, so I probly will - also I have a pull request outstanding for 1.6 which unifies some mouse messages for OSX/X11 + Win
Should I nag to get it pulled or rebase on 1.7? Also is there any docs on what did change in 1.7?
In windowless plugin, is the window size the size of the <div> section the plugin is initialised into (cuz that is not what I am seeing).
(its seems off by a small bit - aprox 32points)
taxilian 11:08 so the size and position of windowless plugins on IE seems to be a bit weird
nobody has figured out how to make it correct yet
and I haven't had a good enough reason to care yet
schmoo 11:08 I only really want it for chrome (so html can display "over" the plugin - so if you think the sizes there are good I may just have it conditional.
Or I will dig deeper if I think there is a fix in sight.
taxilian 11:08 hmm. I really ought to try to pull in some of those pull requests. which one is yours?
ahh, you're Gordon
(sorry, I have a hard time keeping track of people, even ones like you that I "know")
schmoo 11:08 Actually I hit another cmake issue with boost today I havn't pushed yet (with boost native)
no worries - I know how that goes!
taxilian 11:08 I can probably pull that fix in; how confident are you that it doesn't break anything with the changes?
schmoo 11:08 Actually while I have your attention another question I had was why you went with WIX rather than NSIS given you are using cmake so heavily?
taxilian 11:08 because WiX installers can always be cleanly uninstalled
they are transactional
and I've had too many cases where something subtle changed between install versions and executives of large companies couldn't install my plugin, thus causing the wrath of my superiors to fall on me
schmoo 11:08 It _should_ be ok - I really only added extra data to existing events (bounds information) and new events (mouse wheel) the delta on mouse wheel in X11 is dubious mind.
taxilian 11:08 I refuse to install a plugin w/out using an MSI for that reason; it's just too dangerous
aight. I'm off to lunch, but I'll be back in an hour or so
schmoo 11:08 thx for the info - ithelps.
Erik__ 17:08 hey, can I ask someone a stupid firebreath question?
taxilian 17:08 always
Erik__ 17:08 =)
ok so FB::RefreshEvent
I wrote some code to handle it, but it's not getting called
when should I expect that to be fired?
taxilian 17:08 is your plugin visible?
Erik__ 17:08 like is the object tag in a spot where it can be seen?
it appears that it is, and if I click it, it shows that ugly dotted border around it
taxilian 17:08 hmm.
what does your EVENTTYPE_CASE look like for RefreshEvent?
Erik__ 17:08 EVENTTYPE_CASE(FB::RefreshEvent, onWindowRefresh, FB::PluginWindow)
I stuck that in my main parent class
the one with StaticInitialize etc.
and I get the attachedevent there
taxilian 17:08 hmm. what browser?
Erik__ 17:08 oh snap
wait you were right
no height value on there
taxilian 17:08 and adding one fixed it?
Erik__ 17:08 yessir
taxilian 17:08 well glad I could help then :-P
Erik__ 17:08 if I could buy you a beer over IRC I would
taxilian 17:08 hehe
Erik__ 17:08 have a good one!
taxilian 17:08 and you