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jshanab_OSX 10:01 My plugin installs and runs on my development Macbook Air. I use otool to best of ability and checked it is pulling the libraries from the installed location. Then I try installing on a clean Mac Book pro and it beachballs. It does this indefinite, i have to force-quit. I don't have otool on the target machine, not sure if I can put it there without installing xcode.
I am open to sugestions :-(
taxilian 10:01 huh
jshanab_OSX 15:01 Hi taxilian. I had network issues over here and did not see you replied to my question. I am trying to create the installer for my mac version of my plugin. It seems to work on my machine. There are only 2 other people that have macs in the building and when I install on there notebooks, the plugin won't load. (I can't really take over their machine and they are not developers)
I know you use mac and there are others on this list. So I was hoping I could get some suggestions on what to check. If I install xcode, that kinda defeats the test!
taxilian 15:01 I really don't know :-/ generally when I've seen things like that it has to do with the sdk
are they the same versions?
jshanab_OSX 15:01 I chose the 10.7 and both machines say the are lion 10.7.5
darn there goes my wifi again. I am back
taxilian 15:01 I have no idea :-/