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reichi 06:08 hmm
is it possible that the load event of a document has already been fired before the npapi plugin will be loaded?
at least it seems that way to me :/
it's a webkit based browsr
emicastro 06:08 you mean that the plugin is loaded after the webpage?
reichi 06:08 well no
what i mean is that the "load" event of the document is fired before the plugin has finished loading
i guees i was wrong assuming that wouldn't be the case
emicastro 06:08 I'm not sure at all, but in the example or test page that taxilian made, there is the way that you need to use in order to have a callback to know when the plugin is loaded...
so, you never will be a call to a plugin until it's loaded...
here is the example of that I was talking about:
reichi 07:08 well i wanted to hack around some specific issue
i am actually using the pluginLoaded stuff
which works fine ;)
but the size of the html-element is not set at that point
it seems the css is not applied at that point
but well
i'll just make the hack bigger :p
reichi 07:08 mmh
next problem
do npapi plugin not have the getBoundingClientRect method?
i tought they should
or well
it seems to fade
it's still there in on onPluginReady
but gone when the pages as finished loading
taxilian 09:08 reichi: yeah, there isn't really any guarantee as to which will happen first, document load or plugin load. I usually wait for document load to inject the plugin to avoid the issue
reichi: call setReserved("getBoundingClientRect") in your root JSAPI constructor and it'll probably restore the method
reichi 10:08 taxilian: ah, thank you :)
i'll give it a shot later
or maybe even now ;)
it seems to do it's job
taxilian 10:08 yw
taxilian 11:08 so, anyone want to help me figure out why the upgraded boost isn't working on mac?
reichi 11:08 i don't have a mac, so i am out of this
taxilian 11:08 you're on linux, no?
reichi 11:08 yes
taxilian 11:08 I haven't tested it there; if you'd like to try that out it would be helpful
reichi 11:08 i'm actually using system boost
since the very first moment
let me have a look which version
taxilian 11:08 ahh
I'm trying to update to 1.50.0
but I'm getting some weird compiler errors
reichi 11:08 on the devices it's 1.49
on my pc it's 1.48
so no 1.50 here
taxilian 11:08 well, if you wanted to try it just pull down firebreath from git, pull down the submodules, then go to src/3rdParty/boost/ and checkout branch 1.50.0
I may have to roll back to 1.49.0
reichi 11:08 it works fine with that
that's for sure
taxilian 11:08 I'm not certain that it wouldn't work fine if I were using a full 1.50.0 boost and WITH_SYSTEM_BOOST
but that wouldn't solve my problem, since my whole purpose is to update the packaged boost
hmm. interestingly, when I update to the 10.6 SDK it works
except for a minor build error, but I'm not actually worried about that
it could be that this is just a bug w/ xcode 4.4 and the 10.5 sdk
taxilian 11:08 well, the good news is that I think it's actually working; the bug was due to the sdk I was using. I'm trying it on an older xcode to make sure it still works there
FireBreathBot 12:08 Commit 1e0e681 on firebreath-1.7 by dougma: "fix for FIREBREATH-177
Commit 45dfb5b on firebreath-1.7 by dougma: "try to avert issues like FB-182
Commit 71935a6 on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #69 from dougma/FB-182
Commit 96d23bf on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #70 from dougma/FB-177
Commit 122173e on master by Richard Bateman: "Update packaged boost to 1.50.0"
kum 23:08 hi all
anybody knows , how to install Firebreath in chrome