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mm_ 02:07 hey
anyone there
have small problem so if u can helpme pls
taxilian 10:07 has anyone had experience with packaging frameworks inside a plugin on mac os?
taxilian 15:07 I am refreshing boost; does anyone have any requests for additions or suggestions for things to cut?
taxilian 16:07 uh… so what am I supposed to do when I try to update boost and find that one of the boost files is trying to include a file that aparently doesn't exist?
jshanab 16:07 What file is that? I have been using 1_50 on my archiver code without issues. (but could be I do not include that sectio) I did find boost had some missing files in 1_48
taxilian 16:07 eh, I found it. there was a .cpp file that normally isn't included but got caught by my cmake file
now I'm trying to fix another issue that is probably also because I'm using boost in a slightly wonky way
an error related to BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT in some way
jshanab 16:07 wonky, such a highly techical term.
taxilian 16:07 it is
jshanab 16:07 I think boost is *mostly* include only headers, but there are a few optional areas where it has cpp or actual linkable parts. I remember finding some of that myself. Ok switch from PC to mac in a few ttyl
taxilian 16:07
that's my error messages
in case it might look at all familiar
which it won't
but worth asking
grr. I need to go
this is very much annoying me
if anyone wants to try it it's the 1.50.0 branch on
it works on windows, not on mac so far
trying to figure out what is wrong
gotta run. take care