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sabotaged|wk 10:07 so yeah, IE10 64-bit just doesn't seem to load my plugin. though it lists it in extensions
any ideas on where to stick OutputDebugString to try and debug it?
DllMain doesn't seem to get called, at least judging from me putting OutputDebugString in there
taxilian 10:07 I assume you built the plugin using the 64 bit prep?
sabotaged|wk 11:07 yes
it works on IE9 64-bit in windows 8
taxilian 11:07 huh. well, if it were related to the DLL itself then DllMain would be getting called
thus if DllMain is not being called that implies that the issue has something to do with COM registration or permissions
is ActiveX Filtering enabled?
sabotaged|wk 13:07 ActiveX Filtering is disabled
bill_ 16:07 hi guys, I'm an utter noob to FB, got a browser plugin from a guy who needs help & i cant build the project. I've downloaded CMake 2.8 & FB source... what do i need to do to get it running?
taxilian 16:07 what platform?
bill_ 16:07 Win7 x64
taxilian 16:07 what version of visual studio?
bill_ 16:07 VS2010 Ultimate
taxilian 16:07 ok. so first, there are tutorials and docs on that tell you how all of this works
bill_ 16:07 the files he gave me are just cpp files, no project
taxilian 16:07 say you have the following strucutre:
./firebreath/ - firebreath source
./my_plugin/ - source of your plugin
run firebreath\prep2010.cmd my_plugin build
make sure cmake is in your path
it will create a build directory with a FireBreath.sln file that you can open and build
bill_ 16:07 let me try that
taxilian 16:07 !wiki building windows
FireBreathBot 16:07 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Building on Windows":
"Building with Netbeans":
"Build Configurations":
"Building FireBreath Plugins":
taxilian 16:07 for more info, look at that first link
FireBreathBot 16:07 "Building with Visual Studio Express":
"Windows Video Tutorial":
"Using CMake With FireBreath":
"Prep Scripts":
bill_ 16:07 i get the message "browserplugin_project is deprecated; please use Project(FingerAuth) instead" Do i need to create a project rather than build?
taxilian 16:07 that means that the plugin was created with an old version of firebreath
I'd recommend making a new project with fbgen and migrate into it
but it's up to you
also it's talking about the cmake project files
CMakeLists.txt and <platform>/projectDef.cmake
bill_ 16:07 is there an easier way than using the python script?
taxilian 16:07 easier?
bill_ 16:07 i dont have python
the alternative method at says its a pain
taxilian 16:07 well, python isn't particularly difficult to install. I highly recommend you use fbgen. However, all fbgen actually does is uses the templates in fbgen/src/ and fills things out
of course it is a pain
you're talking about generating a plugin project by hand instead of using the simple code generation tool built for that purpose
but if you want to do it without python, that's how
just look at those files and replace the variable names yourself
bill_ 16:07 on second thoughts, I'll install Python
taxilian 16:07 =]
bill_ 16:07 got a project loaded in VS2010 now :D cheers
taxilian 16:07 huzzah!
bill_ 16:07 code looks different to what i was initially given, but i guess thats the versions
taxilian 16:07 there have been a lot of changes since that code; if you have any questions let us know
bill_ 17:07 me again... In the old ode, there was a constructor with a note "You should register your methods, properties, and events that should be accessible to Javascript from here.". New code doesnt use this functionality, just create the get & set properties eg testString is that correct?
taxilian 17:07 no, that is not correct. you still need to call registerMethod and registerProperty in the constructor of your JSAPI class. It may be in the .h file in the template
bill_ 17:07 yep, its in the .h file...
thanks for the help, off to get my 4 hours sleep
taxilian 17:07 =] good luck
jshanab_ 17:07 I have been cleaning up my includes in my CMake and have a question about the "add_boost_library(date_time)". Is that recursive? FOr example this include fails : #include <boost/date_time/posix_time/conversion.hpp>
taxilian 17:07 add_boost_library just adds the link, it has nothing to do with includes
jshanab_ 17:07 Oh. Does it set a variable I can use for includes, I should just go look, they are wrappers around cmake right?
taxilian. Good evening. I never did find out how that presentation and Ham Event went :-)
taxilian 17:07 they are in cmake, but the boost includes are all in the same place
so if one is missing it may actually just be missing
heh. they went just fine. the city was thrilled with the radio operators we assigned to them
jshanab_ 17:07 I had a extra include to /opt/local/include and when I removed that it started to bark about boost includes.
Very cool.
My curl issue is an odd one. You have to have differnt headers 64bit from 32bit but what really gets me is some compiler flag I do/do not have set. If I print sizeof long from a program compiled with gcc at the command line, it is 8 bytes. but in xcode it is 4 bytes and that causes my use of curl to not build.
taxilian 17:07 I have absolutely no idea, I'm afraid
jshanab_ 17:07 Now that I know exactly why, i think I can force it to work but I wonder what is in the SDK and if I should use that or the OS one. Apple is a bit confusing
taxilian 17:07 hmm. I don't know. I would think that if apple's platform SDK has it that'd be the one to use
but I dont' know
jshanab_ 17:07 I have a more general question about the CMake and FB. I have 3 or 4 directories that become projects in the solution (or targets in the project) and they all use boost. Do I need to specify in each CMake and be carefull they all are the same or if it is in the MyPlugin top level cmake, it is avail to all below or in the project.
Sorry to slam you with so many Q's all at once!
taxilian 17:07 if it's in the top level, at least for includes, it should be there for all. Each dll or executable (item that does complete linking itself) will need to be linked in however
static libs don't link to anything else so they are fine
anyway, I'm headed home
might be back on, might not