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furhans 00:07 hi ther
probably I haven't read it properly or I guess I am trying to step ahead of time....
but can anyone point me that will it be possible to make a cross-browser plugin with firebreath that be able to run a .NET assembly
basically I have .NET based application which scans a document using TWAIN drivers on local computer
now I want to wrap this application into an executable that could be run in a browser as it should be available via Web
primarily mozilla, chrome and IE should be supported
any directions would be of great value
pablo__ 03:07 hello everybody
how I can return string in special method for debbug?
pablo_ 05:07 hello again... I solve the last problem using m_host->htmllog("text");รง
If possible compile in linux (or other plataform) for the rest of platforms once?
jshanab 06:07 pablo_.This is kinda possible for at least building on linux for windows but not in the cmake for FB. I have seen this cross-compile stuff in some libraries built using CMake (ok cmake itself not building) Like the glfw library. I have build windows binarys on linux before. But the way the prep actually generates a differnt set of files in the FB framework, i do not know. Taxillian will be... to answer that question. Realize you will need all the dlls and headers you are gonna link to from a windows box.
pablo_. On second thought I think there are some things in ActiveX that will need a microsoft compiler (IDL), and that would not be proted to linuxand have to run in wine. Best just to use a VM i guess
jshanab 08:07 I am trying to create a child window for my plugin to maybe handle events better within the plugin
I have created the windows and it is rendering to them but if I drag the browser, it moves about 10 pixels and stops. At that point it still renders video, just no more input to the browser. Somehow the main browser thread is blocked. Suggestions?
nedcamps 09:07 Hi All, getting started here setting up FireBreath and running into what seems to be a semi known issue that I am unable to resolve
CMake Error at /usr/local/Cellar/cmake/2.8.8/share/cmake/Modules/CMakeTestCCompiler.cmake:52 (MESSAGE):
The C compiler "/usr/bin/gcc-4.2" is not able to compile a simple test
xcode 4.3.3
cmake 2.8.8
Anyone out there have any hints on this one?
thanks a ton
taxilian 09:07 nedcamps: it may have to do with where xcode installs itself these days
nedcamps 09:07 yeah I've been seeing some older posts that suggest that
taxilian 09:07 seems like I had that issue, but I think the way I ended up fixing it was installing an older xcode
nedcamps 09:07 these days it goes into /Application/
hm, downgrading xcode huh
i may have to resort to that
taxilian 09:07 unfortunately while Apple has been making xcode better and better for obj c development, it's getting worse and worse for C++ dev
nedcamps 09:07 crazy times we live in
thanks for the advice
jshanab 10:07 I am building with xcode 4.3.3 and cmake 2.8.8. In fact that was a must cmake 2.8.8 added fixes specifically for xcode 4.3.3, but of course you have to put the requires in the cmakelists.txt
taxilian 13:07
dougma 18:07 anyone tried xcode 4.4 yet? maybe i'll sit tight until xcode 4.4.3 :)
taxilian 18:07 not yet
jshanab_ 18:07 I am too scared ;-)