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pablo__ 00:07 Good morning guys
pablo__ 00:07 I need some help
dougma 00:07 .ask
FireBreathBot 00:07 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
pablo__ 00:07 Yes sorry
I need link third party C library with FireBreath project
but I can't link it. When I compile project funcions referenced in headers don't find .c files
I don't know how configure CMake for link or include this files, and compile it
I think that is easy, but for now only reference errors
This is my question
dougma 00:07
pablo__ 01:07 find_library(FOO_LIBRARY Foo) ?
Where I need put path for library, I have a .a library
In Foo
dougma 01:07
pablo__ 01:07 ?
dougma 01:07 that is all i know.
reichi 01:07 I have to admit
i don't like the cmake at that point
luckily i don't have to use it for my project ;)
dougma 01:07 but also, pablo__ see where it says: "If you want to link against a library in a specific location then you don't want to use find_library. You'd be better off doing something like:"
so it seems it's all documented there.
pablo__ 01:07 Some days ago I read this wiki page
But I read agin
again, and try more hard this part dougma
dougma 01:07 ok. :)
pablo__ 01:07 I will notice you when I try it
Sorry if is a stupid question but CMake is a very powerfull library :D
dougma 01:07 yeah, such is cmake... i always have to refer to manuals and how-tos when i want to do things...
pablo__ 01:07 Well, I try it and notice in this channel for the rest of people
thanks for help
Dyblast 09:07 Hi.
Why i have to move the object in order show the draw the first time on Mac OSX Core Animation Invalidate
taxilian 09:07 I don't know
do you have to iwth the BasicMediaPlayer example?
Dyblast 09:07 i haven't test … in my case the i have a video in the window .. the video runs but i have to resize the window in order to
taxilian 09:07 I'd try BasicMediaPlayer, see if that has the same issue
you are calling InvalidateWindow, right?
danzik17 09:07 is there a way to tell what environment you're operating in? ( ActiveX vs NPAPI )
Dyblast 09:07 i have try with & without
taxilian 09:07 danzik17: yes; there are strings on the PluginCore class that tell you
danzik17 09:07 taxilian: beautiful, thanks
Dyblast 09:07 the drawInCGLContext in my CAOpengllayer is only call after the resize...
taxilian 09:07 which browser?
Dyblast 09:07 firefox
Mac Osx lion Firefox with CA Invalidate
Dyblast 09:07 i add my sublayer not in the attachWindow … but after… maybe it is the issue?
taxilian 09:07 I wouldn't think so
but I really don't know
Dyblast 10:07 maybe is that .. i will try … the addSubLayer is maybe not done in main thread
taxilian 10:07 that might do it
Dyblast 10:07 no ...
Dyblast 10:07 same issue on safari
taxilian 10:07 hmm. I'd look at the BasicMediaPlayer example
because that doesn't have that issue
Dyblast 10:07 ok so it's work with the example
the issue is certainly due to the fact that the addSublayer is call in another thread ...
i will try a hack tomorrow
see you
jshanab 10:07 I am having a problem in which I stop recieving events in my plugin. What can cause this?
taxilian 10:07 jshanab: which os? browser?
jshanab 10:07 On windows using firefox or IE. I resize my window and it sometimes re-connects or sometimes disconects. but I put breakpoints in PluginWindowIn and no events at all. Like I have no focus?
taxilian 10:07 this is windowed?
jshanab 10:07 yes
taxilian 10:07 only thing I can think of would be if the window is coming un-subclassed somehow
or if the browser has a significant bug
at least in Chrome, they intentionally take back control of the window when you subclass it but they keep calling your winproc
jshanab 10:07 Because it seems relate to resize, I am gonna guess it has something to do with loosing subclass. Can I get it back?
taxilian 10:07 difficult quesiton
i don't know
you'd have to play with it
you could try unsubclassing and then resubclassing, I guess
I really don't know
jshanab 10:07 I do not know how to do that. :-( OMG chrome hard crashes
taxilian 10:07 it's in PluginWindowWin.cpp
jshanab 10:07 Firefox works best
Valo 21:07 how to translate js document.getElementById("textbox").value = "blabla" in firebreath?
asknpapi 22:07 I'm having problems trying to calling an Event from NPAPI. Here's the sample in js function testAddCallback() { plugin().AddCallback('onExecute', function(){ alert("Received a test event from the plugin.") }); }
I call invoke on the second argument(which is NPObject) to AddCallback and it does not work. Is there any working sample that I could use to understand
dougma 22:07 asknpapi: FBTestPlugin