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rcompton78 15:07 Hello all, has anyone integrated the WiX 3.6 bundle/bootloader stuff with their FB plugin. I would like to have the msi download and install .exe from the web before installing mine.
taxilian 15:07 never tried it
probably could be done
you'd just have to dig into the integration code and figure out how to add it
rcompton78 16:07 Ya it should be able to. Documentation on the bundle stuff for wix is not the best. Ok I will dig in to it. I am assuming you are talking your add_wix_installer stuff?
taxilian 16:07 yeah
to be honest, I dont' know wix all that well myself, which is one reason it isn't cleaner
rcompton78 16:07 I got a simple bundle working outside firebreath so will try slowly port it over
taxilian 16:07 it's been kinda cobbled together and works for 95% of the cases, so it's been good enough
rcompton78 16:07 ya me neither I find the docs almost useless
taxilian 16:07 but not quite good enough to be called so?
rcompton78 16:07 Ya the simple one worked great for me.
Thanks I will look into it
taxilian 16:07 good luck